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Romantic pairings on The Bold and the Beautiful have always been a hit or miss. Fans either love or hate, the couples. Viewers had been begging the show to give Carter Walton a partner for a while, and B&B listened — but paired him with Quinn Fuller. However, actor Rena Sofer’s recent exit means a new love interest might be on the horizon for Carter.

Rena Sofer confirmed her exit from ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’

Sofer was on the B&B canvas for nine years. Having joined the soap opera in 2013 as Quinn Fuller, the actor developed a strong bond with the show’s fans, who were heartbroken to learn she was leaving the show.

In an August 16 Instagram post, Sofer posted a photo of several bouquets of flowers with a cryptic caption: “August 5, 2022, was a very big day for me. More to come.”

Fans immediately began speculating that the actor was leaving the long-running soap. Less than two weeks later, Sofer confirmed the news with a bittersweet post announcing August 5 was her last day of filming.

According to Soaps, Sofer said that when the show wrapped the Carter-and-Quinn storyline, she felt it was time to move on. Although the actor hasn’t confirmed whether she’s up for a new role, she gave a shout-out to her ceramics business on Instagram.

Sofer is the owner of a pottery business, and according to her website, the craft is her “second act.” The website notes that Sofer began taking pottery classes in 2016 when she was “going through a very difficult time.” According to the actor, pottery gave her an avenue to redirect her insecurity “into something productive.”

Will Carter Walton leave with Quinn Fuller?

The Bold and the Beautiful: Carter and Quinn
‘The Bold and the Beautiful’: Lawrence Saint-Victor and Rena Sofer | Sonja Flemming and Cliff Lipson/CBS via Getty Images

For the longest time, Carter and Quinn had a will-they-won’t-they relationship, and finally, their story ended with them together after Quinn stopped Carter from marrying Paris. Now, Sofer’s exit begs the question: Will her onscreen love interest, played by Lawrence Saint-Victor, leave too?

Saint-Victor hasn’t announced he’s exiting. In fact, the actor has taken on more B&B duties following a promotion that saw him join the show’s writing panel. So it seems Carter and Quinn’s on-again-off-again romance is officially over.

That leaves the door open for a new love interest for Carter. Before coupling with Quinn, he had a nonexistent love life. Sofer’s exit forces Carter back into the dating pool, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have options.

Carter and Katie have plenty of chemistry. They’re best friends and have gotten even closer recently. Katie has been dealing with separation, and opening up to Carter gives her comfort. Fans of Carter and Quinn remember the two bonded over their mutual loneliness, and now that Quinn is leaving, Carter might find a shoulder to lean on with Katie.

‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ might introduce a new love interest for Carter


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Katie seems like the most reasonable choice for Carter’s love interest, but the show might try to add some drama by writing Carter back into Paris’ arms. However, their reunion is unlikely, given that he left her at the altar for Quinn. Additionally, Paris could have unresolved feelings for Zende, and she might not be willing to let him go.

In that regard, a new love interest for Carter makes the most sense because it gives him a fresh start. Adding a love interest for Steffy Forrester worked well, so the writers could explore that avenue for Carter.