‘The Bold and the Beautiful’: Stars Reveal Secrets of Filming Love Scenes

Aside from its flair for drama, The Bold and the Beautiful is also known for its romance aspects. With any romance story, there’s going to be a love scene. The CBS soap opera has a reputation for steamy love scenes that leaves the viewers wanting more. A lot of work creates these passionate moments, some that may be awkward for the actors.

'The Bold and the Beautiful' actor Jacqueline MacInnes Wood wears a black floral blouse and black pants during a Hallmark Channel interview.
Jacqueline MacInnes Wood I Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ star Heather Tom says kissing is awkward

Kissing is an important part of any love scene. All it takes is one smooch and a couple’s removing their clothes. A veteran actor like Heather Tom is used to these scenes. Although The Bold and the Beautiful fans know her as Katie Logan, she started playing Victoria Newman on The Young and the Restless.

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In an interview with Channel 3 News in Norfolk, Virginia, Tom admitted her first kiss occurred while filming The Young and the Restless. Although love scenes are part of Tom’s job, she reveals they can be awkward, especially kissing. Tom also explained how her character’s liplock with her on-screen partner isn’t how she would kiss her real-life husband.

Jacqueline MacInnes Woods likes to play pranks with her on-screen partners

One of the difficulties of filming love scenes is making sure everyone stays covered. With soap operas in the daytime, the directors and actors have to avoid exposing too much. In an interview with SoapsInDepth.com, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood admits one of her worries is “making sure you don’t get a nip slip!”

Although the actor has concerns with love scenes, she also likes to have fun while filming them. Wood says that before a kissing scene with Scott Clifton, she’ll eat “ribs and garlic to mess with him.” However, Wood also keeps breath mints on hand.

How the COVID-19 pandemic changed filming love scenes?

The COVID-19 pandemic altered the way soap operas, including The Bold and the Beautiful film love scenes. Of course, camera work and editing give the illusion that a couple is being intimate. But the show took another unique approach; they used mannequins as stand-ins for kissing scenes. In an interview with The New York Times, executive producer Bradley Bell revealed the actors were uncertain about making out with a mannequin. “We’ve had a lot of strange looks and questions like, ‘Do you really want to do this?’ But everyone is game. They are getting their first latex kiss,” he explained.

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Aside from mannequins, The Bold and the Beautiful has also used the actors’ real-life spouses. Tanner Novlan, Lawrence Saint-Victor, and Denise Richards’ significant others have filled in for their partner’s on-screen love interest. In an interview with People, Richards revealed her thoughts about working with Aaron Phypers on the soap opera. “I’m really grateful that Aaron is able to come, and it’s been fun for all of us to see everyone’s husbands and wives on set.”