‘The Bold and the Beautiful’: This Star Partied So Hard He Asked a Makeup Artist to Cover His Smell With a Full Bottle of Deodorant

Fans have been hooked on The Bold and the Beautiful for decades. The TV show was originally introduced as a sister production to The Young and the Restless in the late ’80s, and it continues to have a ton of viewers today. And the show’s seen many actors come and go through the seasons.

Back in the early 2000s, actor Lorenzo Lamas was on the show. And it seems he’s now known for his hard-partying ways. Here’s what he revealed in his memoir.

Lorenzo Lamas attained fame by acting on ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’

Tom Westman (R) and actor Lorenzo Lamas tape a series of CBS daytime's 'The Bold And The Beautiful'
Tom Westman (R) and actor Lorenzo Lamas tape a series of CBS daytime’s ‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ | Mark Mainz/Getty Images

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Plenty of actors get their start on soap operas, and Lamas gained a ton of fame for his appearances on The Bold and the Beautiful. Soap Central reports Lamas first went to school to be in the military, but he then fell in love with acting after visiting his father on a film set.

When Lamas was 19, he got his first big break in the blockbuster hit, Grease. And he was then a staple on the nighttime soap, Falcon Crest, where producers aimed to use Lamas’ background in martial arts to influence his character.

Soaps.com reports Lamas then got the role of Hector Ramirez on The Bold and the Beautiful in 2004. And Hector had a few very interesting, dramatic storylines. When Lamas’ character is in his 20s, he falls in love with an underage character, Samantha Kelly, who then gets pregnant at 17. Ultimately, Hector ends up raising his and Samantha’s daughter on his own, and he tells their daughter, Caitlin Ramirez, that Samantha died while giving birth. Ultimately, Caitlin discovers the truth, and the two parents reunite.

Lamas reportedly went through a phase of hard partying

Lorenzo Lamas and Mario Lopez on 'The Bold and The Beautiful'
Lorenzo Lamas and Mario Lopez on ‘The Bold and The Beautiful’ | Jean-Paul Aussenard/WireImage

While Lamas has plenty of acting experience to fall back on, he’s also known for his partying past. The Daily Mail reports he wrote an autobiography, Renegade at Heart, where he talks about his troubled ways.

Lamas reportedly goes into detail about his parents’ divorce and how that affected him. His mother and father divorced in 1960, and his father remarried later. “My world shatters in a million pieces — traumatized in ways that will not become evident until much late,” Lamas wrote.

Once Lamas was starring in Falcon Crest, he lived life in the fast lane. He reportedly had quite a past with drugs, relationships, and car accidents. And he once partied so hard that he had to ask a makeup artist to mask his stench with a full bottle of deodorant.

Finally, his Falcon Crest co-star, Jane Wyman, warned Lamas that he needed to clean up his act. “‘This is what we’re going to do,'” Wyman reportedly told Lamas. “‘We’re going to take a 15-minute break. You’re going to memorize your lines. And you’re never going to come to work high again.'”

Eventually, Lamas was able to pull himself together. And he went on to other shows, such as The Bold and the Beautiful.

The actor has reportedly married 5 times

Shawna Craig (L) and Lorenzo Lamas (R)
Shawna Craig (L) and Lorenzo Lamas (R) | Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic

Lamas has also made plenty of headlines for his many marriages. The actor’s reportedly married five times, and he even took the last name of his fifth wife, “Craig.” Unfortunately, Lamas and Shawna Craig split back in 2016, People reports.

The publication notes Lamas and Craig were married for seven years, split in 2016, and filed for divorce in 2018. Prior to Craig, Lamas was married to model Victoria Hilbert, actor Michele Cathy Smith, actor Kathleen Kinmont, and former Playboy star Shauna Sand.

Craig and Lamas had another unusual dynamic. Craig was a year younger than Lamas’ daughter and acted as her surrogate, Entertainment Tonight reports.

We’re not sure what’s next for Lamas, but we’re hoping his later years are happier and healthier than his earlier ones.

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