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The Bold and the Beautiful was full of twists and turns during the week of Dec. 27. To say the soap opera ended the year with a bang would be an understatement. Someone had proposal plans, someone else got caught kissing Santa Claus (well, “Deacon Claus”), and there was just general havoc and mayhem all over Los Angeles. Fans were certainly left reeling. And we can expect more madness in 2022 and beyond. Here’s our weekly The Bold and the Beautiful recap.

[Spoiler alert: Spoilers for The Bold and the Beautiful episodes during the week of Dec. 27 are ahead.]

Katherine Kelly Lang, who plays Brooke and is a focus of this week's 'The Bold and the Beautiful' recap
Katherine Kelly Lang, who plays Brooke on ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ | Gregg DeGuire/Getty Images

Zende planned to pop the question to Paris on ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’

On the Dec. 29 episode of The Bold and the Beautiful, SoapHub reports that Zende planned to ask Paris to marry him. Pop the champagne, kids, they’re getting hitched! Or are they?

“Paris (Diamond White) got rather uncomfortable during her and Zende Forrester Dominguez’s (Delon de Metz) romantic dinner,” reported the outlet. “She wanted a fun and free night and he was making it all about their love story. She could sense more under the surface. And, she was right.”

Of course, the next day Paris kept insisting that she wanted to be “young and unattached.” Does that mean she wants to be footloose and fancy-free? Or does it mean she wants someone else — like Thomas or, let’s say, Carter?

Brooke got caught kissing Deacon

Out of the mouth of babes, indeed. On the Dec. 30 episode of The Bold and the Beautiful, reports that Brooke and Deacon had more than a little bit of the plonk. (And why not? It’s New Year’s Eve.) But there’s a problem with the plonk, and it’s that it lowers your inhibitions. In Brooke and Deacon’s case, in fact, it lowered their inhibitions so much that they engaged in a forbidden kiss.

And who should happen to catch them in the act? Why, none other than little Douglas, of course. And because good old Deacon was in a full Santa Claus suit, it’s easy to think that dear Brooke was caught kissing Santa Claus, as the old song goes.

“Douglas looks in the window of the mansion and sees Brooke with a man in a Santa hat,” reports the outlet. “Deacon tells Brooke that he never stopped loving her and pulls her into a kiss. Douglas smiles watching his grandma kissing Santa Claus.”

All hell breaks loose in Los Angeles?

We already know that longtime The Bold and the Beautiful baddie Sheila Carter will be bringing the no-good in the new year. She spent New Year’s Eve alone, drinking and plotting revenge on her new perceived rival Brooke. Since Taylor and Sheila are now newfound besties, Sheila’s going to have to get her evil off on someone in Los Angeles. So why not Brooke?


‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Weekly Recap: Old Rivalries, New Loves

Tune in to upcoming episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful in the new year to see where the drama goes.