‘The Boys’ Season 3: Who Are Crimson Countess and the Payback Crew?

There’s no beginning in sight for The Boys Season 3, and currently, Vought News Network is fans’ only reliable source for Supes updates. But Amazon gave fans a little taste of what’s to come in the TV show with their latest social media post.

Soldier Boy isn’t the only newbie arriving on the scene, as Crimson Countess posed in her hero stance for the masses. But who is she, and what’s up with the hint about Payback?

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Crimson Countess is the newest supe in ‘The Boys’ Season 3

Instagram and Twitter became marquee boards for The Boys’ promo photos of Crimson Countess. She’ll be joining Jensen Ackles’ Soldier Boy and a few others for what’s shaping up to be the wildest season yet of the show. The show’s Twitter account notes that there will be lots of “red” and included a blood drop. Further, it feels like a trailer may be coming soon.

So, who exactly is this countess? Let’s dig into her comic lore. Played by Laurie Holden, Crimson Countess is known as a spoof of Scarlet Witch. Her powers include flying and heat generation, and she has the ability to melt things — or bodies. She had a past incarnation with Soldier Boy during World War II but died.

Present-day Crimson Countess is crooked and rolls with a second-tier groups of Supes. She has a boyfriend but is known as a serial cheater. And in the comics, she hates Butcher’s dog.

Who’s part of Payback?

In Crimson Countess’ Twitter caption, The Boys’ team wrote a snarky caption: “Payback’s a b*tch.” That alludes to Payback, a group of dishonorable Supes whose morals are in line with Homelander’s.

Stormfront, Soldier Boy, Crimson Countess, Mind-Droid, and Swatto are among those in the gang in Garth Ennis’ comic books. Mind-Droid is Countess’ boyfriend, and his ability is telepathy. Swatto’s name is derived from a fly swatter because he looks like a bug.

Like Ant-Man, he can manipulate his size. Collectively, this crew is bad news, but in the comics, they don’t survive. However, they’re all supposedly present for the big “Herogasm” event.

Other supes join season 3

While Crimson Countess and Soldier Boy are the only two Payback members confirmed to show up in The Boys’ new season, there are at least three other Supes on the way. According to IMDb, Nick Wechsler plays Blue Hawk. There’s not a character by that name in the comics, but some assume it’s a version of Ground Hawk.

Sean Patrick Flanery was cast as Gunpowder, a lower level, villainous Supe whose specialty is guns. Miles Gaston Villanueva appears as Supersonic, a Supe who happens to be one of Starlight’s exes. Stormfront’s whereabouts may be revealed. And there’s another Vought employee arriving who’s connected to a head-exploding version of Compound V. Yikes.

Showrunner Eric Kripke will put his own spin on these new characters in his latest adaptation, but expect the shock level and the bloody attacks to increase. Though fans will still have to wait for the trailer, season 3 is slated to drop in 2022.

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