‘The Brady Bunch’: How Did Maureen McCormick Meet Her Husband, and Are They Still Married?

Fans of The Brady Bunch know all about Maureen McCormick. The actor played the iconic role of Marcia Brady, and she delved deep into her past with her autobiography, Here’s the Story: Surviving Marcia Brady and Finding My True Voice.

McCormick explained how she met her husband, Michael Cummings, whom she married in 1985. Here’s how the two lovebirds initially connected and if they’re still married today.

Maureen McCormick from ‘The Brady Bunch’ was smitten with Michael Cummings

Maureen McCormick from 'The Brady Bunch' and husband Michael Cummings
Maureen McCormick from ‘The Brady Bunch’ and husband Michael Cummings | Ron Galella, Ltd/Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images

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McCormick wrote about her litany of romances she experienced in her life in her autobiography. But it was Cummings she was immediately taken with. She wrote she spotted him while at a concert, and she immediately wanted to get to know him.

“I turned around and saw this guy behind me,” McCormick wrote. “I’d never seen him before. He had dark hair, a great build, and chiseled features. I looked straight into his eyes and thought, ‘This is the man I’m going to marry.'”

McCormick then got to work learning as much about Cummings as possible. She started going to the same Bible studies he did and sitting near him at church. Eventually, she invited him to a party — and he accepted. They got to know each other, and McCormick quickly found herself opening up to Cummings about her difficult past, which involved drug abuse. About 30 days after their date, they were engaged.

The couple’s still married after tying the knot in 1985

Maureen McCormick, husband Michael Cummings, and daughter Natalie Cummings
Maureen McCormick, husband Michael Cummings, and daughter Natalie Cummings | Ron Galella, Ltd/Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images

McCormick describes her romance with Cummings as “quick and passionate” — and she had a lot of difficulties fully opening up to him once they were engaged. And her relapse with cocaine nearly threatened their relationship. Thankfully, she was able to get back on track. And while she wished to quickly marry just six months after their engagement, they ended up waiting. They finally tied the knot in 1985 and are still together today.

“I know there’s one reason that Michael and I managed to stay together through all the heavy-duty ups and downs: our faith,” McCormick wrote in her book. “The two of us had faith that our love, despite all of our problems, was real, strong, durable, and worth sticking around for. Our faith made us believe our love was real.”

While McCormick noted she was nervous for and her husband-to-be’s family to all get together on their wedding day, it ended up being a beautiful ceremony and joyous event.

McCormick and Cummings went through extremely tough times

Michael Cummings (L) and Maureen McCormick (R) from 'The Brady Bunch'
Michael Cummings (L) and Maureen McCormick (R) from ‘The Brady Bunch’ | Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic

Cummings and McCormick had plenty of rocky moments in their marriage, especially in the beginning. McCormick was still dealing with staying sober from her drug addiction. And she noted in her autobiography that she continued to push Cummings away. But Cummings explained to her why he chose to stick out their marriage.

“Michael said that he’d made a life-long commitment and decided he was going to work at it until it’s unworkable,” she wrote. “He thought child stardom had arrested my development, and in many ways he was right.”

In 1989, the couple had a child, Natalie. And McCormick discussed her love for her family when she competed on Dancing With the Stars.

“We’ve gone through thick and thin and survived,” McCormick told People. “Every challenge has made us stronger and more in love than ever.”

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