‘The Challenge 35’: Episode 11 Shortened Due to Dee Nguyen Edited out – Here’s Everything You Missed

Due to racially insensitive comments, MTV announced they severed ties with The Challenge star Dee Nguyen. Even though they stated they would “air the season as planned,” the network edited out all of Dee’s confessionals and conversations surrounding her. Therefore, the episode only lasted 60 minutes instead of the usual 90, and it didn’t make sense because much of the storyline revolved around Dee. However, it did air in its entirety in Canada. Here’s what you missed.

[SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information from ‘The Challenge 35’ Episode 11.

The Challenge edited
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Dee Nguyen fired from ‘The Challenge’

In a tweet, rookie Bayleigh Dayton called castmate Dee Nguyen out for racially insensitive comments she made online. The Australian-native responded defensively and claimed she made the remarks while “high and relaxing” after helping a family with a son who has leukemia instead of apologizing.

The ladies went back and forth until Wes Bergmann announced his decision to split professionally from Dee due to her comments. After working together on Dee’s rookie season, the two stayed close, and she was staying with him as they worked on a web series.

She then issued an apology, but MTV revealed they would part ways with the 27-year-old, who is competing on the current season of The Challenge.

‘The Challenge 35’ shortened due to Dee Nguyen firing

Before Episode 11 aired, a disclaimer noted they would still “air the season as planned,” although the network has severed ties with her. However, MTV edited out her and the drama surrounding her out of the episode, which confused many viewers as they didn’t understand the storyline. Additionally, the episode only lasted an hour as opposed to the usual 90 minutes.

While viewers saw some deliberation around pulling Dee into the interrogation, they didn’t understand why Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio and Josh Martinez want to blindside her so badly, or why Rogan O’Connor was on board. However, it did air in its entirety in Canada, revealing what led up to the elimination.

Everything viewers missed in ‘The Challenge 35’ Episode 11

At the beginning of the episode, ex-lovers Rogan and Dee hooked up in the shower because they both wanted something to “distract” them from the miserable life in the bunker.

Later, Johnny talked to Jenny West, who was already annoyed with Dee after discovering her friend’s consideration of blindsiding her. He claimed she “walks around like she owns the place” after winning last season, so he wanted to “teach her a lesson” by orchestrating her blindside.

At the daily challenge, Dee and Bayleigh got into a fight after the reigning champ continually threw the boxes in her face so Melissa Reeves could win. However, the rookie wanted to compete and felt like she played dirty, so the two ended up getting into a shoving match while suspended in the air.


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Before the Tribunal had their interrogations, Dee thought she might end up as a nominee for an option. She spoke to Josh at the club and said she would “take it personally” if she ended up getting interrogated. Therefore, the returning champ went off on him in the interrogation room and afterward, causing him to break down in tears.

After Rogan gave Johnny his blessings to vote Dee into elimination, she revealed in a confessional that she considers her ex a friend, so the betrayal “shows she put her trust in the wrong person.” The three-time competitor then beat Mattie Lynn Breaux in the elimination and warned everyone it’s “going to get spicy in this f*****g house.”

The Challenge 35 airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST on MTV.