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During the Jan. 27 episode of The Challenge 36, Theresa Jones wanted the rookies, including Lolo Jones, in her heat to throw her the challenge so she could win and save her partner. Because Lolo previously got upset with her teammate Nam Vo for not “finishing strong” during the Smuggle Run challenge, a fan asked why she agreed to throw the challenge. The Olympic bobsledder responded, clarifying why she chose to go along with the plan.

Lolo Jones looks on during the New Balance Indoor Grand Prix at Reggie Lewis Center
Lolo Jones looks on during the New Balance Indoor Grand Prix at Reggie Lewis Center | Maddie Meyer

Lolo Jones and Nam Vo partnered for ‘The Challenge 36’

Olympic track star and spinoff Champs vs. Pros competitor Lolo Jones partnered with rookie Nam Vo, a German-based Ultimate Beastmaster finalist.

The two initially seemed like the strongest pair as they are both athletes and expressed an attraction to each other. However, they had a breakdown in communication during the “Smuggle Run” challenge, where the competitors had to run a five-mile obstacle course while carrying a large capsule.

Although they likely should’ve won the mission, the two couldn’t get on the same page, and Lolo’s yelling caused Nam to shut down.

When they returned to the house, the partners continued arguing until she claimed she no longer believed they could work as a team, hurting his feelings.

Theresa Jones wanted the rookies to throw her the daily mission

For the following daily mission, the competitors had to hold onto a net, suspended by a helicopter over water, and fight each other off. The last person hanging won the heat, with the player clocking the fastest time overall winning the status of double agent alongside their partner.

Veteran Theresa Jones competed alongside rookies Amber Borzotra, Amber Martinez, Gabby Allen, and Lolo and convinced them to throw the challenge to her to save her partner as they were the house targets.

Everyone followed the plan except for Amber B., who put up a fight because she caught a whiff that Theresa planned on nominating her partner Darrell Taylor.

It worked as the veteran lost by a second, resulting in her partner getting voted into elimination and ultimately going home.

Lolo says she threw the challenge for Nam

After the episode aired, a viewer asked why Lolo gave Nam a hard time for not “finishing strong” and running across the finish line during the Smuggle Run yet gave up during the following mission.

The Olympic bobsledder responded, explaining she threw the challenge for Nam because he didn’t want to become a “target” by competing.


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Additionally, Lolo claimed she asked her partner if he wanted her to win to protect them because it was a guys’ elimination day but said he declined, as the others in his heat were already “throwing it.”

Host T.J. Lavin called the men out after the challenge for not competing and later negated votes from those who didn’t participate, although it didn’t affect the outcome. The Challenge 36 airs Wednesdays at 8/7 Central on MTV.