‘The Challenge 37’: Amanda Garcia Revealed the Real Backstory Behind ‘the List’

[SPOILER ALERT: This article contains spoilers from The Challenge 37 premiere episode.]

During the premiere episode of The Challenge 37, a rookie “spy” found out about Michaela Bradshaw’s “hit list” and exposed it to the veterans. However, Amanda Garcia revealed the true backstory as the edit seemingly didn’t show what really happened.

Amanda Garcia poses for 'The Challenge: War of the Worlds' cast photo
‘The Challenge’ veteran, Amanda Garcia | MTV.com

Emy told the veterans about a “list” Michaela created during ‘The Challenge 37’ premiere

Outnumbered by the rookies this season, the veterans made a truce so the newcomers wouldn’t pick them off one by one.

The prospects also realized they had the numbers as Michaela Bradshaw (Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X) and her partner Renan Hellemans (Ex on the Beach: Double Dutch 4) wanted to get everyone on the same page.

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Therefore, they held a meeting with other Survivor rookies Michele Fitzgerald and Tommy Sheehan, where Michaela created a three-column list featuring players they could and couldn’t trust as well as the order they wanted to throw others into elimination, pointing out that they had the numbers to control the house vote.

Survivor: Romania rookie Emy Alupei “spied” on the group and brought the information back to the veterans, claiming she saw Tori Deal’s name at the top of the list.

The list backfired and resulted in Michaela becoming the first eliminated competitor

Everyone began talking about the list, and Michaela tried to deflect attention by showing Aneesa Ferreira and others what they wanted to see. She claimed she only wrote down team names and denied having a hit list.

During the deliberation, Michaela thought Michele exposed the list and attempted to throw the Survivor rookie under the bus. Believing the former winner expertly “shifted” a target off her, Michaela called her out in front of everyone.

However, it also backfired as Emy, not Michele, who revealed the details of the note to the veterans. After Emy and Tommy confirmed the list contained future targets, nearly everyone voted to compromise her and her partner, Renan.

In a season’s twist, The Agency, or the daily challenge winning pair, can select any girl and guy to compete against a house vote. They decided on Michele and Emy’s partner Corey Lay who eliminated Michaela and Renan in the Back Me Up elimination game.

Amanda Garcia revealed how they exposed the list

During the aftermath, the after-show in which select players break down the episode, veterans Nany González, Kyle Christie, and Nelson Thomas admitted they didn’t know precisely what the list contained but used it as ammunition to take out Michaela.

Kyle noted they considered Michaela a leader and someone who could “rally” the rookies against them. As a result, they wanted to take the shot to get her out as soon as they could.

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Contrary to what the episode depicted, Amanda Garcia claims Emy and Corey L. were the initial house vote, and she asked them for information on others to save themselves.

Therefore, Emy exposed the list for protection instead of her voluntarily acting as a “spy” for the veterans, as the episode implied. Michaela pointed out that Amanda then “mixed truth with a lie,” resulting in everyone turning on her. The Challenge 37 airs Wednesdays on MTV.