‘The Challenge 37’: Darrell Taylor and Emy Alupei Got Into Heated Exchange During After Show

Several of The Challenge 37 cast members gathered on the weekly after show to celebrate its 500th episode birthday. Multi-season champ Darrell Taylor made a surprise appearance; however, things took a turn between him and rookie Emy Alupei, and the two got into a heated exchange.

Darrell Taylor teaching a class during The Challenge XXX: Ultimate Fan Experience
‘The Challenge’ former champion, Darrell Taylor | Lars Niki/Getty Images

Emy Alupei is a rookie on ‘The Challenge 37’

After an impressive performance on Survivor: Romania, Emy Alupei joined the cast of The Challenge 37: Spies, Lies, and Allies.

She quickly turned on the rookies by exposing Michaela Bradshaw’s now-infamous list but narrowly missed getting sent into elimination. After her partner stole Tori Deal, she paired up with newcomer Ed Eason, and they found themselves in the Lair.

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Following her win, the Romania native chose veteran Devin Walker. However, he got stolen shortly later, leaving her with Gabo Szabó. Wanting to get back with his old partner, Gabo threw himself into the Lair but lost, resulting in Emy’s new partnership with Hughie Maughan.

The rookie then won a second elimination and chose to team up with her “dream partner,” CT Tamburello. After winning a daily mission together, they had to split up due to the new team twist.

She got into it with Darrell Taylor during an after show

Following the Oct. 27 episode, which also served as the reality series’ 500th episode, a few of the season 37 cast members appeared on the weekly after show, hosted by veteran Devyn Simone.

Additionally, four-time champ Darrell Taylor made a surprise appearance for its 500th birthday. While the others praised Emy for her performance so far in the game, Darrell commented that Michaela, who went home first, has the “heart of a beast” and will “f— people up” if she returns.

Emy responded by calling him a “hater,” and the multi-season winner repeated his belief that Michaela would “eat your a– up.” The Romanian rookie got upset and claimed Darrell couldn’t “judge” her because they didn’t know each other. She also insisted she was no longer a fan of his.

Before the after show concluded, Darrell circled back to their heated exchange and apologized, noting he only joked with her. He claimed he knew he could get her “riled up” and congratulated her for her performance.

Darrell returned for ‘The Challenge: All Stars 2’

After winning the first four seasons he competed in, Darrell returned to the original series five more times but hasn’t run a final since his Fresh Meat (2006) victory.

In Apr. 2021, the multi-season champ came back for spinoff All Stars alongside several fan-favorites who viewers haven’t watched compete in years. He won two daily missions and avoided facing an elimination throughout the season.

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Therefore, Darrell easily skated to his first finals in 15 years. The former champ seemed poised to take home the crown, but eventual winner Yes Duffy overtook him at the end.

The All Star is returning for season 2, premiering Nov. 11 on Paramount+, hoping for another shot at the title and $500,000 grand prize. The Challenge 37: Spies, Lies, and Allies airs Wednesdays at 8/7 Central on MTV.