‘The Challenge 37’: Devin Walker Revealed Unaired Alliance That Formed Post Cell Twist

At the beginning of The Challenge 37, the veteran players aligned to make it past the first half of the competition. Another alliance was formed after the newly implemented cell twist. However, the episodes haven’t featured the group and its game plan. Veteran Devin Walker revealed it during a recent appearance on the after show.

Devin Walker-Molaghan and Hunter Barfield attend The Challenge XXX: Ultimate Fan Experience
‘The Challenge’ stars. Devin Walker and Hunter Barfield | Lars Niki/Getty Images

The players divided into three teams of six in latter half of ‘The Challenge 37’

Initially, the international players had the opportunity to pick their American partners. The opposite sex teammates competed in daily missions, with the winning pair forming The Agency.

Then, the remaining agents voted for who they wanted to send into elimination, with The Agency selecting whichever male and female to compete against them in The Lair.

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The elimination winners had the opportunity to go back with their partner or “infiltrate” and team up with someone else.

By episode 10, the remaining competitors were divided into three groups, or cells, of six, and it followed the same format. After winning an elimination, the player earned the opportunity to trade team spots with a competitor of their choosing.

Devin Walker revealed a secret alliance named Aquamarine

Following episode 12, several The Challenge 37 castmates appeared on the after show with host Devyn Simone. They spoke about CT Tamburello convincing Emy Alupei to throw herself into elimination and switch to his team, believing she would give them the edge to beat the dominant Emerald Cell.

It worked as the rookie noted she wanted to reunite with her former partner and “Uncle CT.” Therefore, Emy went into elimination and dominated, securing her third win and bid for Rookie of the Year.

Veteran Devin Walker gave his side of how it played out, explaining the situation happened during the “peak of Aquamarine,” which is an alliance between the Sapphire (Kyle Christie, CT Tamburello, Ashley Mitchell, and Amanda Garcia) and the Emerald team (Emanuel Neagu, Josh Martinez, Kaycee Clark, Nany González, Tori Deal, and Devin).

According to the veteran, the alliance protected themselves by guaranteeing Amanda and Big T Fazakerley were on separate teams, so each cell “always had an anchor.”

He also claimed Nelson Thomas tried to ‘play’ Kyle Christie behind his back

At the beginning of episode 12, Nelson blew up on Kyle after they returned from elimination because the UK native took his spot on the Sapphire Cell without any warning.

Although the two later made up, Nelson claimed he wouldn’t trust Kyle anymore as he feels the UK native plays a “snake” game. During the after show, Devin also released insider information about the situation.

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He claimed Nelson approached him several times after Kyle cost them a daily mission win and told him he should target the two-time finalist. Therefore, when the blow-up happened, Devin initially believed Kyle must have figured out Nelson’s game.

The veteran noted Nelson attempted to “play” the UK native behind his back multiple times and thinks he got upset because Kyle got him first. The Challenge 37: Spies, Lies, and Allies airs on Wednesdays at 8/7 Central on MTV.