‘The Challenge 37’: A Physical Altercation Allegedly Disqualified a Veteran

[SPOILER ALERT: This article contains spoilers from ‘The Challenge 37.]

Following Double Agents and the spinoff All-Stars series, The Challenge has already reportedly started filming its 37th season. Although nothing has been officially confirmed, spoiler account PinkRose on Vevmo has leaked the alleged cast, which supposedly includes several rookies from Survivor and other international reality shows.

Additionally, Big Brother alliance members Josh Martinez and Fessy Shafaat reportedly returned for their third season together. During Double Agents, the two worked closely in a group that controlled most of the votes. However, their relationship seemingly deteriorated as they allegedly got into a fight during season 37, resulting in a disqualification.

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Fessy Shafaat and Josh Martinez are regular faces on ‘The Challenge’

Big Brother 19 winner Josh Martinez debuted on War of the Worlds (2019) and was initially purged out of the competition during the first episode.

However, he returned a couple of episodes later as a replacement and Amanda Garcia’s partner. After a short stint on the season, Josh came back for War of the Worlds 2 (2019) as part of Team USA.

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He avoided elimination as others remained bigger targets than him until the end of the season where Jordan Wiseley sent him home shortly before the finals.

Next, the BB19 champ returned for Total Madness, in which former BB20 houseguest Fessy Shafaat made his debut. Although they didn’t target each other, the two didn’t build a solid alliance until the following season.

They previously worked together during ‘Double Agents’

The Big Brother stars returned for Double Agents, alongside BB20 winner Kaycee Clark. They formed the nucleus of the BB alliance and then included outliers such as rookie and BB16 houseguest Amber Borzortra and Celebrity Big Brother 2 finalist Lolo Jones.

The group also worked with Kam Williams and Leroy Garrett and proved to be impenetrable throughout the competition as they controlled nearly every vote. Josh and Fessy, who are friends outside of the game as they’ve vacationed together before, often defended each other in the house.

Additionally, the BB19 winner restrained Fessy when he attempted to fight another castmate. After receiving his gold skull, the group protected Josh, but the four-time competitor found himself due to a twist and ended up going home.

Following his exit, the BB star encouraged his partner Nany González to team up with Fessy as he thought his ally gave her the best chance to win.

Fessy allegedly disqualified after fighting Josh

During an episode of the official after-show, the two-time finalist explained he and Josh are not only allies due to their previous Big Brother affiliation.

According to Fessy, they, along with Kaycee, gravitated toward each other because they feel they have to prove themselves, as several viewers didn’t think they deserved their BB win.

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Although the group seemed unbreakable, something came between them as Fessy and Josh allegedly got into a heated exchange during season 37.

According to popular spoiler account GamerVev, the physical altercation reportedly led to Fessy’s disqualification toward the end of the season, sending him home before the finals. The Challenge airs on MTV.