‘The Challenge 37’ Winners Reportedly Revealed

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for The Challenge 37.]

Filmed in Croatia, the MTV reality competition series The Challenge is returning with its 37th season. The season has finished filming, and the winners have reportedly been revealed.

General atmosphere at The Challenge XXX: Ultimate Fan Experience
General atmosphere at The Challenge XXX: Ultimate Fan Experience | Lars Niki/Getty Images

‘The Challenge 37’ cast reportedly includes several ‘Survivor’ stars

According to known spoiler account PinkRose, the upcoming season features an even cast of 32 contestants with 16 rookies and 16 veterans. The returning players include:

Liv Jawando – 2nd season, 0 wins

Fessy Shafaat – 3rd season, 0 wins

Jay Starrett – 3rd season, 0 wins

Kaycee Clark – 3rd season, 0 wins

Big T Fazakerley – 4th season, 0 wins

Josh Martinez – 5th season, 0 wins

Amanda Garcia – 6th season, 0 wins

Devin Walker – 6th season, 0 wins

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Tori Deal – 6th season, 0 wins

Kyle Christie – 7th season, 0 wins

Nelson Thomas – 8th season, 0 wins

Ashley Mitchell – 9th season, 2 wins

Cory Wharton – 9th season, 0 wins

Nany Gonzalez 11th season, 0 wins

Aneesa Ferreira – 15th season, 0 wins

CT Tamburello – 19th season, 4 wins

The rookies making their debut include:

Mark Byron – Big Brother UK

Natacha “Tacha” Akida – Big Brother: Naija

Corey Lay – 12 Dates of Christmas

Ed Eason – The Circle

Kelz Dyke – Too Hot to Handle

Tracy Candela – Love Island

Jeremiah White – Love Island 2

Lauren Coogan – Love Island 2

Emy Alupei – Survivor: Romania


Logan Sampedro – Survivor: Spain

Berna Canbeldek – Survivor: Turkey

Michele Fitzgerald – Survivor

Tommy Sheehan – Survivor

Michaela Bradshaw – Survivor

Bettina Buchanan – Paradise Hotel Norge

Gábor “Gabo” Szabó – Warsaw Shore

‘The Challenge 37’ reportedly doesn’t feature skull twist

Unlike the prior two seasons, The Challenge 37 will not have a skull twist which host T.J. Lavin previously required to compete in his final.

However, it does feature partners again and follows a similar format as last season’s Double Madness.

For example, the contestants compete in daily missions where the winners receive immunity and the ability to vote any team into elimination. Those partners then face off against whoever the majority of the House chooses.

The winners can pick new partners.

Who are the winners of ‘The Challenge 37?’

The spoiler account reported the following as the elimination matchups:

Michele and Corey L. eliminated Michaela and Renan

Eddie and Emy eliminated Kelz and Tracy

Lauren and Tommy disqualified for unknown reasons

Berna Canbeldek eliminated Tacha Akide

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Aneesa disqualified due to injury 

Fessy sent home following a physical altercation with Josh Martinez

Amber and Hughie eliminated Michele and Corey L.

Logan eliminated Gabo

Emy eliminated Esther

Cory W. and Bettina eliminated Amber and Jeremiah

Priscilla & Jeremiah eliminated Berna and Hughie

Ashley eliminated Priscilla

Logan eliminated Corey W.

Ashley was removed from the game after an argument with Josh

Kyle eliminated Eddie

Emy eliminated Big T

Emanuel eliminated Logan

Devin eliminated Emanuel

Tori eliminated Amanda

Kyle eliminated Josh

Nany, Kaycee, Emy, Tori, CT, Nelson, Kyle, and Devin advanced to the finals. According to the spoiler page, CT and Kaycee won The Challenge 37.