‘The Challenge’: A ‘Double Agents’ Competitor Said Veteran Players Do This 1 Thing to Get Other Veteran Players Eliminated

MTV’s The Challenge is back with Double Agents. Veteran and rookie players alike are teamed up to compete in daily challenges and win against competitors in elimination rounds to get to the ultimate grand prize.

The rookies look tough this season — but the veterans are prepared. Unfortunately, it seems some vets have a tactic they use to get other seasoned players out early. Here’s what it is.

A number of veteran players are competing on MTV’s ‘The Challenge: Double Agents’

The rookies in the competition are looking physically and mentally tougher than ever. But fans adore seeing their favorite veteran players go head to head in eliminations.

TV Insider reminds us there are plenty of old-school vets who are in season 36 to win the big money. Aneesa Ferreira is back competing on her 14th Challenge, Ashley Mitchell returned for her eighth, C.T. Tamburello came back for his 18th, Leroy Garrett is competing on his 12th, and Wes Bergmann returned for his 14th. And this just scratches the surface of the veteran players hungry for a win.

Darrell Taylor is one of the most well-known players returning to win the prize money on Double Agents. This marks his ninth Challenge, and previously, he’s won The GauntletThe InfernoThe Inferno II, and Fresh Meat. He’s also competed in The RuinsFresh Meat IIInvasion of the ChampionsDirty 30, though his flub in Dirty 30 sent him home incredibly early. It seems he has something to prove coming back for Double Agents.

Darrell Taylor said veteran players do this tactic to get other vets out

Darrell Taylor from MTV's 'The Challenge'
Darrell Taylor from MTV’s ‘The Challenge’ | Lars Niki/Getty Images for MTV

Taylor got candid about coming back to the show when talking to the Challenge Mania podcast. While he’s quite familiar with the scheming tactics of some veteran players, it seems Taylor is more of a fan of going head-to-head in an elimination round to get the job done. And he mentioned to the podcasters that some veteran players have their own tactics for getting other seasoned contestants out early.

Taylor explained how he immediately had a target on his back for winning four Challenge seasons in the past. And he hates when other veteran players tell the rookie players they should be threatened because of those wins.

“I hate it, I hate it,” Taylor said. “They put it out there to try, ‘Woah, he won four times.’ Man, I won four times over 10 years ago. That was a long time ago. Why are ya’ll bringing up old sh*t? But that’s what a lot of vets will do to try to make everybody look at me like, ‘Oh, maybe we should get him out of here.’ It’s kind of annoying.”

A notable veteran player was targeted and eliminated from the start

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While many players are wary of Taylor’s physical capabilities, it was Bergmann who had a target on his back. Bergmann’s known for his ability to scheme his way to a final, and veteran and rookie players alike were prepared to get him out as early as possible.

“You know, I broke,” Bergmann told Entertainment Weekly regarding the house targeting him so early in the game. “I had no incentive to keep fighting, I knew I was just going to keep getting thrown in, I knew people were going to keep coming at me, and they don’t really have a rhyme or reason why. They’re gaslighting me, so the real reasons why they’re throwing me in they’re not saying, so they’re just going to keep lying to me about why they’re doing it.”

We’re not sure if we’ll see Bergmann on another Challenge season for quite a long time, but we’re hoping his love of the game won’t keep him away for too long.

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