‘The Challenge’: Adam King Says He Was Turned Down From ‘All Stars’

Mostly remembered for his heated rivalry with CT Tamburello, six-time competitor Adam King hasn’t returned since the two made up in The Challenge: Rivals (2011). In a recent interview, the 41-year-old noted his desire to return but claims he was turned down from joining the cast of two seasons, including All-Stars.

MTV Real World stars Adam King, Mark Long, and Ace Amerson attend the Real World party
MTV Real World stars Adam King, Mark Long, and Ace Amerson attend the Real World party | Stuart Ramson/Getty Images

Adam King made the finals in ‘The Challenge: The Gauntlet 3’

In 2003, then 23-year-old aspiring rapper and the son of William King from 70’s R&B group The Commodores, Adam debuted on The Real World: Paris. He then competed in spinoff The Challenge: Battle of the Sexes 2 as a rookie but became the second male eliminated.

The reality star returned for The Gauntlet 2 and clocked a similar finish but placed in the finals for The Gauntlet 3, winning his first elimination on the way. However, he didn’t take home any money.


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King intended to follow it up with The Duel 2. But, his infamous rivalry with The Real World castmate CT Tamburello came to a head, and the two came to blows, disqualifying them before they competed in any missions.

After an early exit from The Ruins, he returned for Rivals, partnered with Tamburello. Although he failed to win their second elimination, King walked away with $1,000 for winning a mission, the only money he won from his time on the show.

KellyAnne Judd accused King of sexual assault

After appearing on Rivals III, veteran KellyAnne Judd accused King of taking advantage of her following a night of drinking.

In a 2017 Instagram Live, Judd referred to her co-star as the “scum of the Earth” and claimed he attempted to hook up with her several times throughout the season, even though she denied him.

Therefore, the Ruins finalist noted she believed he preyed on her while she was drunk and later bragged about it. King didn’t comment on the allegations until a Mar. 2021 interview with the Mike Lewis podcast.

He said he considered her accusing him of sexual assault “criminal” because she brought them up and never “cleared” him. The 41-year-old denies taking advantage of his co-star and insists he has the “facts” but doesn’t want to make Judd look bad. 

King says he’s been turned down twice to return

The California native also explained his decision to leave the series and desire to compete again. He noted he felt they were getting paid to drink due to the appearances they had to make and didn’t find it enjoyable anymore.

However, King said he now wants to come back to redeem himself and thinks he stands a chance to win. The 41-year-old said the production crew gave him a call to join a previous season, and he agreed but didn’t make the cast.

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Additionally, King stated he and two-time champ Mark Long spoke about creating the All-Stars season and feels he helped launch it “on the ground floor” with the Challenge veteran. However, The Gauntlet 3 finalist noted he wasn’t picked for the season, despite the team contacting him.

King said he didn’t understand why he didn’t make the cast, especially after seeing who they chose, as Ace Amerson debuted on his original show. While it’s unclear, he thinks he might not have made the cast due to Judd’s accusations and appearance in the series. The Challenge: All-Stars airs on Paramount+.