‘The Challenge: All Stars 3’: Wes Bergmann Revealed He Tore His Bicep During Episode 2

Two-time champ Wes Bergmann has returned for spinoff The Challenge: All Stars 3 after last appearing in 2020’s Double Agents. He got off to a hot start, winning the first daily mission, but nearly placed last in the following one. In a tweet, Wes revealed he tore his bicep and cracked a tooth during the swinging weekly challenge featured in episode 2.

Wes Bergmann looking off camera during 'The Challenge: All Stars 3'
‘The Challenge’ star Wes Bergmann | Laura Barisonzi/Paramount+

Wes Bergmann revealed he tore his bicep during ‘The Challenge: All Stars 3’ Episode 2

After the first two episodes of The Challenge: All Stars 3 dropped on Paramount+, two-time champion Wes Bergmann detailed injuries he sustained during episode 2 that weren’t featured.

He spoke about the Out of Reach challenge, which required the players to swing suspended 35 feet in the air above a body of water high enough to knock over a lockbox containing a key, referring to it as a “nightmare.”

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Wes struggled in the daily mission, nearly placing last. Initially, watchers considered it karma because he sabotaged Jordan Wiseley, who performed well. In his tweet, he revealed he “tore” his bicep during the swinging portion, which prevented him from bending his elbow for two days.

“Thought I’d have to go home but hid it until I had enough mobility to fake using my arm,” he added. Additionally, Wes stated he plans to “try a round of stem cells” as rehabilitation and time haven’t seemed to work for him completely.

Wes also claimed he cracked a tooth which prevented him from swallowing

After tearing his bicep during the swinging portion, Wes claimed he “cracked a tooth in the back of my mouth” on the 35-foot fall into the water. According to the two-time champ, he initially planned to handle it after filming.

However, it reportedly began cutting his tongue, causing it to swell and preventing him from swallowing. Therefore, Wes claimed production “escorted” him to a doctor for a “temporary fix.”

Melinda (Stolp) Collins also revealed she injured herself during the Out of Reach challenge. In episode 2, Melinda admitted she still dealt with “sharp pain” from rolling her ankle several times while running the All Stars 2 final.

By the end, she found herself voted into elimination against friend Tina (Barta) Bridges. However, Melinda quit, noting she didn’t feel she could perform on the injured ankle.

Melinda Collins has also stated she reinjured her ankle during the same challenge

Following her exit, a fan wondered how she passed the physical for All Stars 3 as the finals reportedly finished filming three months prior.

In the four-time competitor’s response, she claimed the medical team cleared and believed her ankle started “healing nicely.” However, Melinda revealed she reinjured herself during the Out of Reach challenge on the 35-foot fall into the water. “Can’t predict that would’ve happened,” she noted.

Responding to another viewer who commented about how “tricky” ankle injuries are, the reality star admitted she hadn’t dealt with one before, “so I just trusted the people who were telling me it was better, that it was better.”

But, Melinda pointed out that returning to the competitive series within six weeks might have pushed it. The Challenge: All Stars 3 airs Wednesdays on Paramount+.

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