‘The Challenge: All Stars’: Ace Amerson Broke a Rib During ‘Brutal’ Elimination

The Challenge star Ace Amerson returned to the competitive series for spinoff All-Stars over a decade after his last appearance. Following a “brutal” elimination battle, the 42-year-old said he walked away with a cracked and a broken rib.

MTV Real World stars Adam King (L-R), Mark Long, and Ace Amerson attend the Real World party
MTV Real World stars Adam King (L-R), Mark Long, and Ace Amerson attend the Real World party | Stuart Ramson

Ace Amerson called the first mission ‘an absolute nightmare’

After a couple of early exits and nearly winning The Inferno 3 in 2007, The Real World: Paris star Ace Amerson returned for OG spinoff, The Challenge: All-Stars.

While many competitors thought the season wouldn’t feature as intense challenges as the regular series, they were mistaken as the first mission proved too much for the majority.

The contestants split up into two teams and had to solve a math puzzle using numbers on blocks located several feet deep in the ocean for the win.

However, the cold water and challenging swim sidelined several players.

In an EW interview, Ace called the first mission “so hard” and “an absolute nightmare.” He also pointed out the competitors who performed well, such as Yes Duffy and Nehemiah Clark, are into “zen” and able to control their breathing.

Additionally, the Real World star noted the type of shoes they wore complicated the swim. Ace admitted he thought he would “drown” at one point and called it one of the “tougher ones” he’s done in his four-season career.

The house voted him into the first elimination

Because the Copper Team lost, the male captain, Latterian Wallace, automatically had to compete in elimination. He faced off against whoever the majority of the house selected.

Before the deliberation, Latterian spoke with Extreme Challenge winner Syrus Yarbrough and explained he wanted to see Ace in elimination because he had the least relationship with the Real World star.

Syrus then relayed the message to everyone else as they determined who they would vote in, and the Copper Team backed Latterian. Not wanting to “rock the boat,” no one voted for anyone else, so they unanimously decided on Ace.

Clearly upset, he referred to the others as “monsters” and admitted he took it personally. The 42-year-old thought they should have nominated the “strongest” competitors every week, as stated in his EW interview, and assumed he would have floated through the competition. Additionally, he noted that he believed Syrus masterminded his vote into elimination.

Ace says he broke a rib during Pole Wrestle vs. Laterrian Wallace

Voted into the arena, Ace faced off against Laterrian in Pole Wrestle; an elimination game where the competitors held on to the same bar. The last one holding it, two out of three times, stayed in the house, eliminating the other.

Laterrian, outpowered Ace both times by flipping him on his back and repeatedly picking him and slamming him to the ground, trying to get the Real World star to let go.

Also in the EW interview, Ace called the elimination “brutal,” resulting in one cracked and one broken rib. The 42-year-old explained he knew Laterrian had a size advantage on him.


‘The Challenge: All Stars’ Spoilers: Who Won the OG Season?

Therefore, he tried to “outlast” him but felt he was “kind of doomed from jump.” Jisela Delgado, the winning team captain, earned a Life Saver allowing her to save a nominee.

However, she decided against using it on Ace because he called her “dead weight” following her Gauntlet 2 elimination in 2005.

Although the episode included a throwback clip of the Inferno 3 finalist making the comment in his confessional, he said she’s “lying” about the remark in the interview and insisted he “would never say anything like that about anybody.” The Challenge: All-Stars airs on Paramount+.