‘The Challenge: All Stars’: Arissa Hill Fires Back at TJ Lavin’s Parting Remarks — ‘TJ Doesn’t Know What I Was Battling’ Inside the House

The Challenge: All Stars episode four was packed with drama. Real World vet Arissa Hill chose to quit the series after the cast blindsided her by voting her into the Arena.

On her way out, host TJ Lavin asked, “You’re just quitting?” before telling her “Alright, don’t take care. Hope to see you never.”

According to Arissa, TJ’s parting remarks prove he doesn’t know what she was battling inside the house.

Actress Arissa Hill attends GBK's Pre MTV Pool Party
Actress Arissa Hill attends GBK’s Pre MTV Pool Party | Michael Bezjian/WireImage

Arissa Hill opted not to face Beth Stolarczyk in ‘The Challenge: All Stars’

After the cast voted Arissa into the Arena to face Beth Solarczyk, she decided against it. Instead, Arissa chose to express herself and let everyone know she couldn’t live in the same house with her fellow competitors.

“The way you all pulled this s**t was some fragrant, snake-ass s**t. While I respect the way that this game is played, what I don’t respect is how y’all are living, which is pretty motherf**king foul,” Arissa told her castmates.

“The reality is when I did win, there’s no f**king way I could come back and be under the same roof as y’all motherf**kers.”

TJ Lavin doesn’t what she was ‘battling’

Arissa understands that The Challenge: All Stars host doesn’t like quitters, and she has no ill will toward TJ. But, she says that he doesn’t know what was going on inside the house.

“TJ doesn’t know what I was battling besides this,” Arissa told Us Weekly. “So, you know, he can have an opinion from the sidelines. I’ve been loud and wrong from the sidelines too.”

What was Arissa Hill dealing with on ‘The Challenge: All Stars’?

According to Arissa, the host and viewers of The Challenge: All Stars never saw her struggle with food and her roommates. She has a gluten allergy, and Arissa says that made it very difficult to compete.

Arissa claims that she “wasn’t given the same type of fuel and food” during her time on the show, and that led to her losing “a fair amount of weight.”

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“There were things that were happening in the house that were building up,” Arissa explained. “I would come home to try to make myself a snack and discover that my gluten-free food was eaten because somebody was drunk and just came and ate the only food that I had.”

The cast was not happy that she quit

Despite her reasons for leaving, Arissa’s castmates on The Challenge: All Stars were not happy she quit. Darrell Taylor — who was the first to admit that he said Arissa’s name in the voting — says she cheated someone else out of an opportunity.

“If someone else could have come, like, Casey Cooper could have been there,” he said. “It’s like you waste other people’s chance of being there, which is not cool at all. … She chose to quit because she was scared. She was scared of getting beat.”

Arissa Hill was looking for an adventure on ‘The Challenge: All Stars’

Arissa admits that viewers might think she didn’t have a good time because they often saw her scowling. But, she says there are a lot of variables that go into what viewers see.

She says she was often in pain, itching, and uncomfortable. Ultimately, though, Arissa says she had a “really good time” on the series.

“I got exactly what I wanted out of it, which was an adventure, I wanted to test myself. I wanted to test where I was at this point in my life. There are still some things personally that I could work on, but that has more to do with my health. This time, I was fearless,” Arissa says.

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