‘The Challenge: All Stars’: Arissa Hill Says She Did the Show ‘Sober’ for the First Time

Cast members on the fixed reality television show The Real World and its longstanding competition spinoff, The Challenge, typically indulge in the seemingly always available alcohol and usually end up getting too drunk and hooking up or fighting with their co-stars. Even though Battle of the Sexes 2 finalist Arissa Hill previously participated in the libations, she chose not to drink when she returned for OG spinoff All-Stars. The 41-year-old explained her decision to compete on the show sober, for the first time in her reality television career, in a tweet following the second episode.

Actress Arissa Hill attends GBK's Pre MTV Pool Party
Actress Arissa Hill attends GBK’s Pre MTV Pool Party | Michael Bezjian/WireImage

Arissa Hill began on ‘The Real World’

At the age of 22, Malden, Massachusetts native Arissa Hill debuted on The Real World: Las Vegas (2002). Described as a “tough girl with a heart of gold,” she got into several blowouts, mainly with family members, but eventually opened up about her trust issues to her roommates.

She also decided to end her relationship with her boyfriend, Dario, and moved on by leaving Boston and relocating to Vegas. The Massachusetts native later met a bodyguard, and they married.


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In 2004, she returned to reality television for competition spinoff The Challenge: Battle of the Sexes II as part of the Women team, and they won a few daily missions.

Although she competed in the finals, they finished second, going home empty-handed. After she reunited with her husband following the season, they decided to call it quits.

Hill returned for ‘The Challenge: All Stars’

Nearly 20 years later, the 41-year-old returned for OG spinoff The Challenge: All-Stars alongside Real World roommates Trishelle Cannatella and Alton Williams.

However, it’s unclear if they’re working together as of yet because the three, and their past, haven’t been featured in the season so far.

During the second episode, Hill supported Cannatella during a massive argument with close friend Katie Cooley and tried to calm her down.

Hill had difficulty swimming in the cold water for the first mission, as most of the competitors did, and had a decent performance in the following trivia challenge. She also avoided becoming a house vote and didn’t like voting others into elimination. 

Hill says ‘All Stars’ was the first show she did while sober

During her first two shows, Hill indulged in the seemingly endless libations available in the Real World and Challenge houses. However, when she returned for All-Stars, the reality star noted she chose not to participate in the alcoholic festivities.

In an Apr. 2021 tweet, Hill explained she didn’t drink in the house or during sequester but opted for “water and a blueberry/apple juice mix in a ginormous wine glass.”


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In a follow-up tweet, she noted she didn’t want to factor hangovers into the taxing season or “poison” her body anymore with the alcohol. Therefore, the 41-year-old chose not to intake any alcohol for the “first time” she filmed a show.

The Challenge: All-Stars airs Thursday on Paramount+.