‘The Challenge: All Stars’: Beth Stolarczyk Says Jisela Delgado Bullied Her Before Deliberations

The Challenge OG competitors Beth Stolarczyk and Jisela Delgado haven’t competed in over ten years. They returned for spinoff All-Stars with the hopes of rewriting their history and earning $500,000, the biggest cash prize they’ve battled for in a series. The two didn’t work together in the house, and Jisela got upset when Beth vocalized support for throwing Challenge boo Alton Williams into elimination. According to The Real World star, Jisela went into ‘bully mode’ before deliberations, “disappointing” her.

Beth Stolarczyk and Paula Meronek on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen
Beth Stolarczyk and Paula Meronek on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen | Charles Sykes/Bravo

Beth Stolarczyk and Jisela Delgado returned for ‘The Challenge: All Stars’

After making it to the finals during her rookie season, Real World/Road Rules Challenge (1999), Beth Stolarczyk returned for six more seasons but failed to last until the end again.

She had a good chance of competing for the grand prize in The Gauntlet 2 (2006), where she had her best performance yet, eliminating two competitors. However, The Real World: Los Angeles star quit as she felt an elimination game went against her morals.

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Originally appearing on Road Rules: The Quest, Jisela Delgado debuted on The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons (2002). She returned twice more but didn’t last long in either season.

Following a more than decade-long break, both ladies came back for spinoff All-Stars. Although the two competed on The Gauntlet 2 together, they weren’t aligned in the house.

Beth went home during episode 5

Because Beth served as the losing team captain for episode four’s daily mission, she had to compete in the upcoming elimination. Even though she said she wanted to face another competitor, Katie Cooley volunteered herself because she didn’t participate in the challenge.

However, Mark Long used the lifesaver to protect Katie, preventing her from competing. Therefore, the group voted in Arissa Hill, and she felt blindsided. As a result, Arissa quit, automatically awarding Beth the win. The victory was short-lived as she unexpectedly found herself in the following elimination.

During episode 5, she and Syrus Yarbough placed last, sending him into the Arena. Shortly before he faced off, host T.J. Lavin revealed another twist, noting the contestants would now compete in double eliminations.

Therefore, an unprepared Beth had to partner with Syrus and face off against Alton Williams and his teammate he selected, Aneesa Ferreira. Primarily due to Syrus’ hurt ankle, the two lost and were eliminated.

Beth claims Jisela went into ‘bully mode’

During the Devyn Simone-hosted aftershow, Beth explained she wanted to “support” her friend of over 20 years, Syrus, who called out Alton. She claimed Jisela approached her before the players deliberated for his opponent in the Arena for wanting to throw Alton into elimination.

According to The Real World star, Jisela and Alton, who began a romantic connection in the house, “yelled” at her and gave her “the business” for not “voting with integrity.”

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The 52-year-old then claimed Jisela went into “bully mode,” which “disappointed” Beth as she respected the Road Rules star’s gameplay. Aneesa jumped in and noted she believed Jisela “wanted to do the right thing” by voting Eric “Big Easy” Banks into elimination because he clocked the worst male for the challenge.

However, Beth still believes her support in putting Alton into the Arena upset Jisela. The Challenge: All-Stars airs Thursdays on Paramount+.