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‘The Challenge: All Stars’ Cast Is Missing 3 Major Fan Favorites

MTV brought back some heavy hitters that fans have not seen in awhile for ‘The Challenge: All Stars.’ Including, Mark Long, Trishelle Cannatella, Beth Stolarczyk, Syrus Yarbrough, Ruthie Alcaide, and Eric "Big Easy" Banks. But is appears there are 3 major fan favorites that are not apart of the cast.

For years fans have been asking for a season featuring OGs from The Challenge, and MTV has finally delivered. After 36 seasons, the popular reality competition is getting an all-star season, aptly titled The Challenge: All Stars.

Even though fans are excited about the news, three favorite contestants were noticeably missing.

CT Tamburello and Wes Bergmann sitting together during a reunion of MTV's 'The Challenge'
CT Tamburello and Wes Bergmann from MTV’s ‘The Challenge’ | Mike Coppola/Getty Images

‘The Challenge’ has had its share of legendary contestants

For nearly 20 years, MTV’s The Challenge has delighted fans with nail-biting challenges. But it’s the rivalries and partnerships among the numerous contestants that really brings the drama.

In the beginning, The Challenge featured former cast members of The Real World and Road Rules exclusively. But over time the contestant pool has grown significantly. They started bringing in players from other MTV shows like Are You The One?. They’ve also brought in players from other shows in the CBSViacom family like Big Brother and Love Island.

With so many contestants appearing over the years, fans have been begging for the return of popular veterans. With the announcement of the new Paramount+ streaming service, they finally got their wish.

Paramount+ isn’t just featuring the all-star season

In addition to the new season of All Stars, fans will also get a lot more content from the rebranded streamer. According to Screen Rant, Paramount+ subscribers will also get access to prior seasons. This means that fans can relive all of those great moments from The Challenge before tuning in for All Stars.

Now that the streaming service is live, they’ve released a teaser for the upcoming season. It features a helmet engraved with the names of some of the participants. They included Mark Long, Trishelle Cannatella, Beth Stolarczyk, Syrus Yarbrough, Ruthie Alcaide, and Eric “Big Easy” Banks.

‘The Challenge: All Stars’ will feature 22 contestants competing for a $500,000 grand prize

After the promo revealed the names of six contestants, MTV released the full cast list. They also announced the premiere date for the all-star season. TJ Lavin will host the upcoming season that features nine episodes.

All Stars will be set in the Andes Mountains of Argentina. According to the press release, it will reunite 22 of “the most iconic, boldest, and fiercest Challenge All Stars from the original Real World and Road Rules, returning for a chance at the ultimate competition as they vie for their shot at the $500,000 grand prize.”

The full cast list features quite a few previous winners

The full cast list for All Stars is: Ace Amerson, Alton Williams (1 win), Aneesa Ferreira, Arissa Hill, Beth Stolarczyk, Darrell Taylor (4 wins), Derrick Kosinski (3 wins), Eric “Big Easy” Banks, Jemmy Carroll, Jisela Delgado, Jonna Mannion, Katie Cooley (1 win), KellyAnne Judd, Kendal Sheppard (1 win), Laterrian Wallace, Mark Long (2 wins), Nehemiah Clark (1 win), Ruthie Alcaide, Syrus Yarbrough (1 win), Teck Holmes, Trishelle Cannatella, and Yes Duffy (1 win).

It’s been quite a long time since fans have seen some of these all-stars. It’s anyone’s guess how they’ll perform in the competition. But one thing’s for sure, fans can’t wait to see how it all plays out.


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Three major fan favorites were missing from the cast list of ‘The Challenge: All Stars’

Even though fans are super excited about the upcoming all-star season, there was some disappointment about favorite contestants who were missing from the cast list. Where are CT Tamburello, Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio, and Wes Bergmann?

It’s not clear exactly why these three fan-favorites were left out. But, CT is currently competing on Double Agents and Bananas has dropped some hints that he’s done with The Challenge. Bergmann is currently dealing with personal issues, but we still don’t know why he wasn’t available for filming.

The Challenge: All Stars will premiere April 1 on Paramount+.