‘The Challenge: All Stars’: Derrick Kosinski Volunteered for Elimination but Others Wouldn’t Let Him

Believing Alton Williams threw a mission during The Challenge: All Stars, Syrus Yarbough called him out, wanting to face The Gauntlet 2 winner in elimination. Even though the other competitors respected his wishes, Derrick Kosinski later revealed he attempted to throw himself into the Arena, but a few players stopped him.

Derrick Kosinski on stage during The Challenge XXX: Ultimate Fan Experience
Derrick Kosinski on stage during The Challenge XXX: Ultimate Fan Experience | Lars Niki/Getty Images for MTV

Syrus Yarbough wanted to face Alton Williams in an elimination

During the Apr. 29 episode of The Challenge: All-Stars, the players teamed up to complete math puzzles that revealed letters, allowing them to solve a phrase.

Then, they had to carry a massive log uphill before splitting into pairs, where they had to solve one last puzzle before racing to the finish line. Alton Williams had difficulty helping his team carry the log, so Syrus Yarbough, who previously hurt his ankle, stepped up.

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However, Syrus ended up placing last in the second portion, earning a spot in elimination. Once they returned to the house, the Extreme Challenge winner called out Alton, noting he thought the Gauntlet 2 champ threw the challenge.

Alton attempted to save himself by encouraging others to vote for Eric “Big Easy” Banks because he finished second to last in the mission. Ultimately, most of the competitors sided with Syrus and nominated Alton to face him in the Arena.

A twist sent Beth Stolarcyzk and Syrus home

Shortly before the elimination, host T.J. Lavin revealed another twist, announcing a male and female would go home every week. He then selected Beth Stolarczyk, as she competed alongside Syrus in the final portion of the mission.

On the other hand, Alton could choose his partner, and he went with the elimination beast, Aneesa Ferreira. The challenge involved one teammate busting through a wall with the other going over it, making it a nightmare for Syrus’s injured ankle.

Even though he didn’t quit and seemingly gave it his all, his injury and Alton’s physical prowess proved too much, eliminating longtime friends Syrus and Beth.

While the Extreme Challenge champ wants to redeem himself, Beth is happy she returned to compete again.

Derrick Kosinski wanted to volunteer for the Arena

Following the episode, Derrick Kosinski revealed he attempted to throw himself into elimination during the deliberations.

In the Apr. 29 official aftershow, the three-time champ explained everyone knew about Syrus’ injury, so he wanted to volunteer himself, not seeing any downside.

Additionally, he said he wanted to protect the other names floating around, including Big Easy and Alton, as they’re his friends. However, Jemmye Carroll and Aneesa both noted they stopped him and wouldn’t let him volunteer.

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When asked why he burned a vote on Nehemiah Clark, The Ruins winner noted they had a “strange rivalry.” According to Derrick, he thought The Gauntlet 3 champ wanted to “make a name for himself” by picking on him.

However, Aneesa explained Nehemiah later told her she shouldn’t have stopped Derrick from throwing himself into elimination as he considered the three-time winner “the guy to beat in a final.”

Jemmye also noted that while the two joked around, she believes Nehemiah did want Derrick gone, considering him a real threat toward the end. The Challenge: All-Stars airs Thursdays on Paramount+.