‘The Challenge: All Stars:’ When is the Finale? How Can Fans Watch?

MTV’s The Challenge took on new life with Paramount+’s The Challenge: All Stars. The first season debuted in 2021, and it brought back fan favorites from years ago. Now, the finale is here, and fans can’t wait to see who walks away with the $500,000 prize. So, when are both parts of the finale, and how can fans watch?

How many episodes is ‘The Challenge: All Stars’?

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Fans of MTV’s The Challenge might be used to seasons that extend multiple months as players are slowly picked off one by one each week. But The Challenge: All Stars moved at a much quicker pace. The season is 10 episodes total, and it seems it’s partially because the cast only agreed to film for two weeks.

Most members of the cast haven’t been on reality TV in years, and they have families and other commitments at home to attend to. This left many of them with limited schedules. To make it work, it seems Paramount+ was able to strike a deal with them that filming would only extend two weeks from start to finish.

Because this season is the series’ first, it’s also possible the network wanted to test it out without a major time commitment for the players and the production team. If the series continues thanks to the success of its debut, it’s quite possible the next seasons will go on for much longer.

Will ‘The Challenge: All Stars’ be on MTV? When do both parts of the finale air?

The All Stars finale is finally here. Fans can stream part one on Paramount+ as of May 19, 2021. Part two streams the following Wednesday, May 26, 2021.

It looks like fans of MTV’s The Challenge won’t be disappointed with the ending of All Stars, either. While many fans may expect the finale to not have the same intensity as the MTV show, All Stars hasn’t held anything back for the older competitors so far.

“The All Stars begin day one of TJ’s grueling final,” the description for part one states. “They’ll not only be pushed to their physical and mental limits, but also must rely on the relationships they’ve built in order to succeed. Two players face elimination at the end of the first stage.”

As for who’s entering part one, Jonna, Aneesa, Jisela, Big Easy, Ruthie, Kellyanne, and Jemmye all made it for the women. And Yes, Derrick, Mark, Big Easy, Darrell, and Alton made it for the men.

So, will the series ever air on MTV? So far, it doesn’t look like like it. It seems the series will remain on Paramount+, which is how fans have to watch. Paramount+ offers a seven-day free trial to new members.

Will there be a season 2?

Cast members standing together from MTV's 'The Challenge' at 'The Challenge XXX': Ultimate Fan Experience
Cast members from MTV’s ‘The Challenge’ at ‘The Challenge XXX’: Ultimate Fan Experience | Lars Niki/Getty Images for MTV

Do MTV’s The Challenge fans have a season 2 of All Stars to look forward to? So far, nothing’s announced. But Mark Long, one of the contestants headed into the All Stars final and one of the creators of the series, certainly hopes so.

“My perfect dream of this, if I could script the future for the OG All Stars, would be that we probably do multiple seasons and then at some point have the biggest moment of reality television when the OGs go up against the new kids that’s airing now,” Long shared with Entertainment Weekly. “It’s like the Super Bowl of The Challenge and it’ll be the biggest thing that you’ve ever seen from The Challenge, that is that for d*mn sure.”

We’re looking forward to seeing what the future of All Stars holds. For now, we’ll tune in to see who wins the finale of season 1.

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