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The Challenge stars Nehemiah Clark and Jemmye Carroll returned for All-Stars, where the two had a “fling.” Following his elimination, the former champ opened up about his current relationship with Jemmye and if the two “hooked up” in the house.

Jemmye Carroll and Camila Nakagawa appear on MTV's "The Challenge: Rivals II" final episode and reunion party
Jemmye Carroll (L) and Camila Nakagawa appear on MTV’s “The Challenge: Rivals II” final episode and reunion party | Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Nehemiah Clark and Jemmye Carroll returned for ‘The Challenge: All Stars’

California native Nehemiah Clark initially appeared on The Real World: Austin before making his debut on the competitive spinoff, The Challenge: The Duel (2006).

He returned for The Gauntlet 3 (2008), where he had his best season yet, winning a couple of eliminations and several daily missions on his way to taking home the victory and a $50,000 cash prize.

The champ came back twice more, last appearing in Rivals (2011), but failed to make the finals again. The Real World: New Orleans star Jemmye Carroll debuted in 2012 for Battle of the Seasons, a couple of seasons after Nehemiah’s last.

She competed in six more seasons, making the finals once in Rivals 2 (2013), where she placed third, taking home $7,500. After that, the two returned for All-Stars and developed a fling in the house.

The couple hit it off in the Challenge house

During episode 3, Nehemiah admitted he didn’t know how to play a “political game” but believes Jemmye is well connected in the house. Therefore, the Gauntlet 3 champ noted that he wanted to learn more from the veteran in a confessional.

On the other hand, Jemmye wanted to stay associated with Nehemiah in hopes they would run the finals together. However, the California native served as the team’s losing captain, earning a spot in elimination, and he called out Teck Holmes, who trash-talked during the competition.

Not wanting either to go home, Jemmye wanted Kendal Sheppard to use the Life Saver, which saves anyone from elimination, and send in Eric “Big Easy” Banks. After partying with a few drinks, Nehemiah and Jemmye ended up in the same bed.

Jemmye explained she knows “how men think” before the two got under the covers together in a confessional. Nehemiah described the connection as needing a “soft touch” while they’re “at war.”

Nehemiah on if he and Jemmye are currently dating

The Gauntlet 3 landed in the last elimination before the finals when most of the house voted him in to face Jisela Delgado and Eric “Big Easy” Banks. He chose Kendal Sheppard as his partner, who consistently performed well, and the two ended up going home.

Following their elimination, they spoke with regarding their time on the show. Nehemiah noted he felt blindsided by Aneesa because they shook hands and agreed they would vote for Yes Duffy.


‘The Challenge’: Nehemiah Clark Explains Why He Chose His Elimination Partner

Additionally, Kendal pointed out the veteran didn’t cast the swing vote as depicted in the episode but started the deliberation by naming Nehemiah, and they felt the others followed suit. He also touched on his current relationship with Jemmye, explaining the two currently communicate through text messages. According to Nehemiah, the two established a friendship on the show.

Even though he acknowledged they “like to flirt,” The Gauntlet 3 champ claimed they only had a “fling” and are friends. Additionally, he clarified speculation the two “hooked up” in the house, noting he’s never gotten physical with another contestant during filming. The Challenge: All-Stars airs Thursdays at 8/7 Central on Paramount+.