‘The Challenge: All Stars’: Syrus Yarbough Claims Alton Williams Entered the House Married

In The Challenge: All-Stars episode 5, Alton Williams seemingly gassed out while helping his team carry a log during the daily mission, but Syrus Yarbough felt he threw it. Therefore, he called Alton into the Arena, a decision that backfired as the Extreme Challenge winner went home. Following his elimination, he appeared on the Challenge Mania podcast, where he claimed Alton, who developed a romantic connection with Jisela Delgado, entered the house in a serious relationship.

The cast of The Challenge XXX: Ultimate Fan Experience on stage
The cast of The Challenge XXX: Ultimate Fan Experience on stage | Lars Niki/Getty Images

Syrus Yarbough called out Alton Williams during ‘The Challenge: All Stars’ episode 5

For the daily mission, the competitors teamed up and had to complete math puzzles that gave them letters to solve a phrase. Afterward, the team must lift a massive log uphill before splitting into duos, where they had to solve another puzzle.

During the first portion, Alton Williams had a hard time carrying the log. Therefore, Syrus Yarbough, who hurt his ankle, stepped up. However, he finished the final portion last, landing in elimination.

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Believing Alton sabotaged their team, Syrus called out the Gauntlet 2 winner to face in the Arena. His allies and mission teammates wanted to give him someone they considered a “layup,” but the majority decided to respect his wishes.

However, the Extreme Challenge champ’s ankle hindered his performance, sending him home. 

Alton and Jisela Delgado formed a romantic connection

In 2006, three-time competitor Jisela Delgado and Alton competed on The Gauntlet 2; she was part of the Veterans team, and he a Rookie. She also went home reasonably early, so the two didn’t remember each other too well before returning 15 years later for All-Stars.

They began hanging out in the house a lot and developed a romantic connection highlighted in the fifth episode.

Both competitors noted they were attracted to each other and seemingly hooked up as they spent one night under the covers together.

The two also likely worked together in the house because Beth Stolarcyzk claimed they both approached her and “yelled” at her for supporting Syrus’s choice to face him in elimination during the Devyn Simone-hosted aftershow.

Syrus claims Alton had a significant other back home

During co-star Derrick Kosinski and Scott Yager’s Challenge Mania podcast, where Syrus appeared as a guest, he spoke about Alton’s marital status before entering the house.

According to the Extreme Challenge winner, he and Alton had conversations about their significant others. While Derrick initially tried to pass it off as a “complicated misunderstanding,” he later admitted Syrus was right.

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The podcast and Challenger claimed Alton said he was in a serious relationship but noted they were having problems. Derrick continued, explaining they continued speaking about their partners as the season progressed and noticed Alton stopped referring to his significant other as “wife.”

Instead, the three-time champ said the Gauntlet 2 winner began claiming he never married. Alton doesn’t have social media, but dedicated fans believe he lives with the mother of his child, who he reportedly is not exclusively dating. The Challenge: All-Stars airs Thursdays on Paramount+.