‘The Challenge: All Stars’: Trishelle Cannatella Reportedly Tried to Quit

Former best friends Trishelle Cannatella and Katie Cooley got into an argument when they reunited for The Challenge: All-Stars. Following their disagreement, Trishelle reportedly began packing her bags, wanting to leave the competition.

'Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen' -- Episode 18064 -- Trishelle Cannatella
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Trishelle Cannatella got into a fight with Katie Cooley during ‘The Challenge: All Stars’

Following a seven-year break after quitting Rivals II, 41-year-old Battle of the Seasons (2012) finalist Trishelle Cannatella returned for OG spinoff All-Stars.

She immediately roomed with close friend Katie Cooley as the two previously lived together for six years and participated in each other’s weddings.

However, the reunion didn’t last long as Trishelle placed last in the daily mission, forcing her to compete in the first girls’ elimination.

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After the house deliberated and decided she would face Kendal Sheppard, the Louisiana native expected her friend to deliver the news instead of another competitor.

She later confronted Katie and called her a bad friend as Trishelle felt she would’ve immediately told Katie her opponent if the roles were reversed. But, The Inferno winner thought she didn’t do anything wrong by getting food before coming upstairs.

In a tweet, Katie clarified they had to grab the food when it was ready or wouldn’t eat and claimed she tried to grab Trishelle a bite to eat as well. She also tweeted she apologized to her friend for not delivering the news, and they made up until another blow-up happened later that night.

Trishelle was the first female eliminated

After their confrontation, the ladies seemingly squashed the beef and went to sleep. However, they reignited their argument at four in the morning following a remark from Trishelle.

The two continued going at it as Katie felt her friend made hurtful comments. On the other hand, the Louisiana native believes she has gone to bat for the former champ but doesn’t feel Katie has her back, in the same way, resulting in the blow-up.

During their argument, Trishelle claimed she did everything for Katie while they lived together and repeatedly called her “trashy.” The Inferno winner attended the aftershow following the episode and noted she felt Trishelle genuinely meant to “hurt” her with the harsh insults.

That night, the Louisiana native faced Kendal in the elimination where she failed to untie the massive ball of knots the fastest, becoming the first female sent home.

Katie claimed Trishelle tried to quit

The Texas native also revealed her friend attempted to quit the game the night before her elimination. According to Katie, the 41-year-old no longer wanted to stay and packed her bags.

However, The Inferno winner claimed she convinced Trishelle not to leave. Additionally, Katie insists she cheered for her friend despite the “blank face” she appeared to have during the challenge.

Both ladies have also noted they haven’t spoken since their fallout during the show. During the Watch With Us podcast, Trishelle agrees with Katie’s sentiment that they “outgrew” each other as the Texas native is a mother while the 41-year-old is still traveling with her husband.

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She also noted they’re “different” people but will remain friends, even though they probably won’t be “as close as we used to be.”

While appearing on The Challenge after show, Katie claimed Trishelle reached out to her husband and mother, seemingly taking responsibility for their fallout, but have yet to speak.

Even though Trishelle wants to remain comrades, Katie believes her friend held in a lot of negative things about her and thinks the Real World star might have never truly liked her. The Challenge: All Stars airs Thursdays on Paramount+.