‘The Challenge: All Stars’: Wes Bergmann Apologizes to Derrick Kosinski for Ruthless Words

The Challenge champ Wes Bergmann encouraged friend and ally Nehemiah Clark to “f*** up” Derrick Kosinski in an elimination. Following the episode, he felt his trash talk “crossed the line” and apologized to his co-star.

Wes Bergmann apologized to Derrick Kosinski for his ruthless words before ‘The Challenge: All Stars 3’ elimination

During The Challenge: All Stars 3, The Authority consisting of Jonna Mannion and Mark Long, threw Kailah Casillas and Derrick Kosinski into the last elimination before the finals.

As those nominated can choose their partners, Derrick admitted he thought about going against Wes Bergmann, noting he didn’t want to compete against him in the finals.

Instead, he continued the rivalry with Nehemiah Clark, calling out Wes’s best friend as he considered it his best choice to compete for the grand prize. As Nehemiah made his way down to the Arena, Wes encouraged him by repeating telling his Real World roommate to “f*** him up.”

Additionally, he told Nehemiah to “f*** up” Derrick so he won’t “have a family to go back to.” Following the June 22 episode, Wes apologized to his co-star and his family on Twitter. He explained his “adrenaline was pumping” as he anticipated going into the Arena but admitted, “that particular series of s*** talking crossed the line.”

Wes debated throwing himself into elimination to call out Derrick and steal his stars

In The Challenge: All Stars 3, host TJ Lavin has mentioned the Star twist in which those who win eliminations also receive the star(s) of who they sent home.

He hasn’t revealed its ability yet but has teased that the more a player has, the more power they receive. During the June 22 episode, which serves as the last daily mission and elimination round before the finals, several of the remaining competitors wanted to go in.

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However, they preferred The Authority to nominate them as it gives them the option of who they want to compete against. Wes told several people that he wanted to volunteer and call out Derrick Kosinski, who has the most stars, so he could send him home and become the “richest man in the game.”

He called rival-turned-friend and seven-time champ Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio for advice, who pointed out that “the pride comes before the fall.” However, he also admitted that Wes would “heavily benefit” if it paid off.

Derrick ended up calling out Nehemiah Clark instead

With Mark in The Authority, he wanted to give his ally Derrick the best shot, knowing whoever he nominated would pick him anyways.

Therefore, he wanted the former champ to have the option and didn’t want to give Wes the power. Kailah Casillas and Nia Moore also volunteered, and Jonna went with Kailah, feeling she deserved the chance to call out who she wanted.

The elimination turned out to be a variant of the Pole Wrestle, which Derrick has done several times, memorably once against Wes in 2006 during The Duel.

Even though he said he wanted to take Wes out right before the finals, Derrick selected Nehemiah, considering him an easier option. Kailah chose KellyAnne Judd, not wanting to run against her in a final. The Challenge: All Stars airs Wednesdays on Paramount+.

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