‘The Challenge: All Stars’: Who Went Home During Episode 4?

Following another close elimination battle, The Challenge: All-Stars contestants faced off for the power of the lifesaver, which the winner decided to exercise. Everyone found out on the spot how the replacement opponent is determined, and one OG player felt so blindsided that she chose to walk away from the competition. Who went home during episode 4?

Johnny Bananas Devenanzio and Darrell Taylor training during The Challenge XXX: Ultimate Fan Experience
Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio and Darrell Taylor training during The Challenge XXX: Ultimate Fan Experience | Lars Niki/Getty Images

Mark Long won the lifesaver during episode 4 of ‘The Challenge: All Stars’

After Teck Holmes’ elimination, the competitors teamed up for their next daily mission, On the Ropes. The veterans had to walk from platform to platform using ropes suspended over water.

When they reached their original side, they had the opportunity to release a rope, causing the other competitor to fall, eliminating them. After competing in heats, the team who released the most walked away with the win.

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The Gold Team dominated, giving captains Ruthie Alcaide safety and Mark Long the lifesaver. Beth Stolarczyk, the losing team’s captain, went directly into elimination.

She initially wanted to face Katie Cooley, who chose to fall instead of competing, or Kendal Sheppard. 

Mark used the lifesaver on Katie Cooley

During deliberations, Katie quickly volunteered herself, admitting she didn’t participate due to past injuries she’s received competing in events suspended over water.

While some commended her on the move, Darrell Taylor noted that she and Mark had a longstanding friendship, and he would use the lifesaver on her. That night, Mark, who referred to himself as the Godfather, individually met with every female competitor to pick their brain about him using the lifesaver as it could put any of them at risk.

Although KellyAnne Judd noted she would rather the nominations remain the same, the majority wanted to know what the power did. The Godfather spoke to Arissa Hill, who avoided the others during the party, the following morning and revealed his intentions to use the lifesaver.

While Mark didn’t know what would happen if he used it, he promised he would not throw her in. When given the opportunity, the two-time champ didn’t hesitate and exercised the power to save Katie.

Arissa Hill quit and went home during episode 4

After joining the other safe competitors, host TJ Lavin revealed the house, except for Beth, would have to immediately vote on the replacement, making the others nervous.

Darrell started it off and asked the seven-time competitor who she wanted to face. Beth answered Arissa, so he cast his vote for her. Even though Aneesa Ferreira wanted to throw in her biggest competitor, Kendal, and a few others followed suit, the majority honored Beth’s wishes, sending an unsuspecting Arissa into elimination.

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Mark felt bad because he told the Real World: Las Vegas star she wouldn’t go in, and she got upset, feeling blindsided. Therefore, Arissa refused to compete and instead “addressed” her competitors with an explicit exit speech, referring to them as “snakes” before quitting.

TJ notably told her, “hope never to see you again,” and blew the horn, awarding Beth the elimination win. The Challenge: All-Stars airs Thursdays on Paramount+.