‘The Challenge: All Stars’: Who Went Home During Episode 5?

After Arissa Hill’s puzzling exit, The Challenge: All-Stars players returned to the house to prepare for another mission. Because one competitor felt another contestant initially sabotaged their team, he called him out to face in the upcoming elimination. However, a hurt ankle and new twist threw a wrench in his plans. Additionally, an unexpected love connection between Alton Williams and Jisela Delgado started brewing in the house. Who went home during episode 5?

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Alton Williams had a hard time during the daily mission

Following Arissa Hill’s surprising and unexpected exit, the contestants competed in teams for safety from the upcoming male elimination. They had to solve math problems for the daily mission to spell out a phrase before grabbing a massive log and carrying it up a hill.

Although an earlier edit highlighted Alton’s athleticism, he gassed out during the challenge, resulting in his team finishing the first checkpoint later than they would have.

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The players then had to break off into groups of two and complete another puzzle before individually grabbing another log, this one much smaller, and racing to the finish line.

Syrus Yarbough and Beth Storlarczyk placed last as they couldn’t figure out the puzzle, guaranteeing his spot in the elimination that night. 

Alton voted into elimination against Syrus

After the mission, Syrus told Alton he wanted to see him in the Arena. The Extreme Challenge winner explained he did a lot during the mission on a bum ankle, which he felt led to Alton finishing the last portion earlier.

Additionally, Syrus admitted he thought The Gauntlet 2 winner sabotaged their team. Alton responded, noting he would never volunteer himself for elimination and denied throwing the mission because it could have also left him at risk.

He also suggested they nominate Eric “Big Easy” Banks because he had the worst performance. However, Syrus refused to listen and insisted he face Alton.

Syrus went home during ‘The Challenge: All Stars’ episode 5

During deliberations, Yes Duffy sided with Syrus and explained his production helped others finish where they did. Even though several competitors wanted to give Syrus what he wanted, they felt he made an emotional decision and should vote in Big Easy, someone they consider a layup.

However, it’s also strategic for many of the players as Syrus could send Alton home, who they think would present a threat in the finals. Ultimately, the group satisfied the Extreme Challenge champ’s wishes, sending Alton into the Arena.

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Shortly before the guys squared off, host T.J. Lavin revealed they would now compete in double eliminations, resulting in an unprepared Beth joining her partner, Syrus. Given the power to choose anyone except the female winner of the mission, Kendal Sheppard, the Gauntlet 2 winner picked elimination beast, Aneesa Ferreira.

They pulled out the win over Beth and Syrus, whose hurt ankle continued to pester him, sending the longtime friends home. While Syrus was angry and noted he wanted to return, Beth expressed happiness for being able to compete again. The Challenge: All-Stars airs Thursdays on Paramount+.