‘The Challenge: All Stars’: Who Went Home During Episode 3?

Following the intense first daily mission and brutal Pole Wrestle elimination of The Challenge: All-Stars, viewers, and the competitors, knew they wouldn’t have an easy ride to the $500,000 grand prize. During episode 3, the players faced off in the classic Melt Away challenge. Who won the lifesaver, and who went home?

The cast of The Challenge XXX: Ultimate Fan Experience on stage
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Who went home during ‘The Challenge: All Stars’ episode 2?

Following Ace Amerson’s elimination, the players competed in a staple trivia challenge. The Gauntlet III winner Nehemiah Clark won, earning the lifesaver, as did veteran Aneesa Ferriera, making her safe for the week.

The Real World star Trishelle Cannatella fell first, landing a spot in elimination. During deliberations, the majority of the group voted Kendal Sheppard to face Trishelle because she didn’t complete the challenge and chose not to fall into the water after missing her final question.

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For the elimination game, the ladies had to make a web of knots for their competitor to untie. Whoever pulled the knots out the fastest and dragged the ropes into the middle won.

With encouragement only from original season cast member Darrell Taylor, Kendal sent Trishelle home.

Ruthie Alcaide reignited feud with Aneesa Ferreira

Battle of the Sexes finalist Ruthie Alcaide returned for The Challenge: All Stars feeling left out from the other ladies. The Real World: Hawaii star explained she departed from The Duel II early because she knew other players, namely Aneesa, targeted her.

For the daily mission, the old school player competed in a classic Melt Away challenge where they had to use their bodies and any fluids to melt a giant block of ice. Shields containing names of the seasons hid underneath, and the contestants had to retrieve them and put them in chronological order.

Even though Jemmye Carroll knew the information, Alton Williams broke two shields when given a hammer, giving them a ten-minute penalty. Therefore, the silver team walked away with the win, and captain Kendal earned the lifesaver. The copper team lost, resulting in captain Nehemiah Clark heading straight for elimination.

Later that night, the paranoia and feeling left out caused Ruthie to “snap” on Aneesa, following the party, and she began cursing at her. However, the veteran walked away, not wanting to “take on Ruthie’s crazy.”

Who went home during episode 3?

Because Teck Holmes talked smack during the challenge, Nehemiah called him out, noting the old school competitor should back up what he says. Knowing he would likely go in, Teck saved everyone the time and nominated himself.

During the party that night, Kendal toyed with the idea of saving The Real World star and sending in Eric “Big Easy” Banks. However, no one knew what would happen if she exercised the power, putting all the guys on edge.

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Ultimately, Kendal chose not to use the lifesaver, and Teck and Nehemiah faced off in an elimination where they had to smash out the same number of tiles before their competitor. However, they had to eat two Carolina Reapers, considered the “world’s hottest peppers” first.

The two finished within seconds of each other, but Nehemiah pulled out the win, sending Teck home. The Challenge: All-Stars airs on Paramount+.