‘The Challenge 36’: Amber B. Reportedly Lied To Theresa Jones About Throwing Challenge; Claimed Foot Got Stuck

During the Jan. 27 episode of The Challenge 36, veteran Theresa Jones seemingly became irritated with rookie Amber Borzotra for not throwing the daily mission. However, Amber Martinez claims Theresa had a good reason to get upset. According to Amber M., the BB rookie told Theresa she couldn’t fall because her foot got stuck but then told others she intentionally fought back to guarantee the veteran would lose.

Amber Borzotra, 26, an Esthetician from Knoxville, Tenn., who currently lives in North Hollywood, Calif., will compete for $500,000 this summer on 'Big Brother 16'
Amber Borzotra, 26, an Esthetician from Knoxville, Tenn., who currently lives in North Hollywood, Calif., will compete for $500,000 this summer on ‘Big Brother 16’ | Cliff Lipson

Amber Borzotra refused to throw daily mission to Theresa Jones

For the challenge, the contestants had to hang onto nets suspended by a helicopter over water while attempting to push the other players off. The last standing challenger wins the heat with the person who clocked the fastest time winning the mission.

Veteran Theresa Jones competed in a group full of rookies with Amber Borzotra, Amber Martinez, Gabby Allen, and Lolo Jones. She convinced them to throw the challenge to her so she could protect her partner and them.

However, in a confessional, Amber B. noted she had no intention to throw the challenge because she heard Theresa planned on putting her partner into elimination if the veteran won.

While the other rookies listened and fell when told, Amber B. fought, costing Theresa the victory by one second. Following the challenge, Theresa admitted she was annoyed with Amber B. because she felt the rookie lied to her.

Theresa confronted Amber B. about not throwing daily mission

While the cast partied before the House vote, the veteran approached Darrell Taylor and denied having a “master plan” to throw him into elimination. She claimed she only wanted to win to protect her partner.

Afterward, Theresa confronted Amber B. about not throwing the challenge and claimed the rookie shouldn’t ask questions if she didn’t want to know the answer.

When Amber B. tried to explain she wanted to win, Theresa cut her off and noted the rookie should have made that clearer. She also denied targeting Darrell, even though she and CT Tamburello did discuss throwing him in at some point due to his impressive record in the finals.

Theresa then became irritated with the rookie before deciding to walk away. Amber B. felt the veteran took her stress out on her because they were on the bottom following a blindside the previous week.

Amber B. reportedly lied and claimed her foot got stuck

In a YouTube video recapping the episode, Amber M. clarified why Theresa was so upset with the Big Brother 16 houseguest. According to Amber M., the other rookie told her she didn’t throw the challenge because Theresa planned on sending her partner into elimination.

But, the Are You the One star said Amber B. told the veteran a different story and insisted her foot got stuck so she couldn’t fall. Theresa apparently didn’t believe the rookie and got upset, nearly resulting in a fight between the ladies.


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However, producers reportedly entered the area, and things ended up cooling off. When they reunited with the other castmates, Amber M. claims the BB star told the veterans that she didn’t throw the challenge and purposefully put up a fight to guarantee Theresa didn’t win.

Because the rookie told both sides conflicting information, Theresa felt like Amber B. was playing a “slick” game, which is why she appeared irritated with the former BB houseguest in the episode. The Challenge 36 airs Wednesdays at 8/7 Central on MTV.