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It can be seriously tough for competitors on MTV’s The Challenge to maintain their romantic relationships back home. We’ve seen plenty of lying, cheating, hookups, and affairs occur on the show when contestants thought the cameras weren’t watching. And Kaycee Clark is under fire after developing a close relationship and flirting with Nany González.

Clark has been dating model Tayler Jiminez since the end of 2018, and Clark’s actions on The Challenge may have put their relationship in serious jeopardy. So, are the two still together? Here’s what we know.

Kaycee Clark flirted with Nany González on ‘The Challenge’ despite having a girlfriend at home

Clark didn’t have too much of a storyline throughout Total Madness until recently. And her whole life’s blowing up after the footage of her and González was released.

Earlier in the season, González was making advances toward Clark. And Aneesa Ferreira stepped in, causing a huge fight to erupt between herself and González. After that, many fans likely assumed that González and Clark would keep their distance — but such was not the case. In episode 13, the two ladies were seen hanging out, flirting, and getting ultra-close yet again.

Bayleigh Dayton, Clark’s friend from Big Brother, also got involved in the conversation. Dayton claimed she was just as close to Clark on Big Brother as González was to Clark on The Challenge. While Clark vehemently denied these claims, footage resurfaced showing Clark and Dayton did, indeed, have a close relationship.

Clark noted girlfriend Tayler Jiminez is ‘not happy’ with the flirting footage

Kaycee Clark in the 'Big Brother' house
Kaycee Clark in the ‘Big Brother’ house | Sonja Flemming/CBS via Getty Images

So, how does Jiminez feel about her relationship with Clark after seeing everything that’s gone down on Total Madness? It looks like there’s some trouble in paradise.

Jiminez noted on Twitter that she knows Clark is “fine,” and she has to fend off other women flirting with Clark regularly. She also added that she and Clark discussed the situation months prior to any of it airing on TV, so she knew what to expect. Even so, it looks like the footage from episode 13 may have been more than what Jiminez was expecting, as Clark talked about her girlfriend’s reaction on Instagram.

“I know Tayler, seeing all this, doesn’t make her feel good. And I know if I were in Tayler’s shoes, and I’d seen what I’ve seen on tonight’s show, I would feel some type of way too,” Clark noted on Instagram. “I love my girlfriend, I really, really do. And there’s no one that would ever take that position.”

While Clark tried to set the record straight on social media, she also noted that Jiminez “hates” her right now due to everything she’s seen.

Is the couple still together?


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So, are Jiminez and Clark still together? It seems they’re trying to make things work. According to Reddit users following the story, it’s clear Jiminez and Clark have a lot of work to do on their relationship, but they’re trying their best to salvage it.

“Taylor is rightfully mad at Kaycee and posted some critic tweets that hinted that she no longer trusts Kaycee after the last episode aired,” a Reddit user wrote. “Kaycee has also said that Taylor isn’t speaking to her right now. I don’t think they’ve officially broken up but their relationship isn’t in a good place right now.”

According to Clark’s Instagram post on June 26, it appeared to verify that she and Jiminez are still together. “I take full responsibility for my actions and I am beyond disappointed in myself. I have learned and will not make the same mistake and that’s a promise,” Clark captioned her post. At the bottom of the caption, she added, “Side note: I will be focusing on myself, my relationship, and my family.”

We’re hoping Clark and Jiminez make the best decisions for themselves and can work things out in the end!

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