‘The Challenge’: Berna Calls CT out for Claiming He Didn’t Know Emy Wanted Him as a Partner

The Challenge rookie Berna Canbeldek teamed up with CT Tamburello for the first few weeks of season 37, and they won a daily mission together. However, he wanted to work with Emy Alupei, a preference she claimed he lied about in the house. After the episode, Berna called out her former partner on social media for telling her he had nothing to do with Emy wanting to steal him as a partner.

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Berna Canbeldek called CT Tamburello out for lying to her about wanting to switch partners

During the Sept. 22 episode, Emy Alupei assumed the others would vote her and Hughie Maughan into elimination as they were the only rookie-rookie pair remaining.

Wanting to stay safe and work with her “dream partner,” Emy revealed she planned on stealing CT Tamburello away from Berna Candbeldek in a room full of several vets, including him. The official Instagram of the show uploaded a short clip of the conversation teasing the episode, and Berna shared it along with some words of her own.

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She called CT “the biggest liar,” claiming he told her that he never knew Emy wanted to choose him. However, Berna insisted she knew they always had “a plan.” The rookie continued, calling other players “snakes” because “everyone acted like they didn’t know about anything.”

She closed with a simple statement, “No balls and lies.” Berna also made a video about the situation, and Emy responded, “We don’t know what you mean,” with the laughing and heart emojis.

CT knew Emy wanted to pick him as a partner and planted seeds

Before deliberations, Emy noted she wanted to go into elimination to steal the reigning champ as her partner. Talking to veterans Tori Deal, Kyle Christie, Devin Walker, and CT, the rookie stated she intended to pick her “Uncle” to partner with if she won her elimination.

Devin asked if she talked to Berna about it as her decision might upset the other rookie. Emy admitted she previously spoke to her about it and claimed she wouldn’t steal him but has no intention of holding up to the deal.

The rookie came clean about lying in a confessional but noted she didn’t care because she didn’t consider Berna a friend. After explaining her intentions of choosing CT, he had her join their alliance by signing his name in hot sauce.

Previously, CT admitted he planted seeds to Emy to steal him if given the opportunity because he thinks they would make a better team. Additionally, the reigning champ no longer wants to partner with Berna because he thinks she’s involved in drama. 

CT and Berna previously won one mission together

When given the opportunity to choose their American partner, international rookie Berna selected CT. The team seemingly didn’t speak that much, but they worked fine together, finishing middle of the pack.

During the first couple of weeks, Berna got into a love triangle with Nelson Thomas as he already had a fling going on with Ashley Mitchell.

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It eventually landed into elimination, but she won and chose to stay partnered with CT. A couple of challenges later, the duo won a daily mission, despite her difficulty solving math problems.

While a part of The Agency, the two had an easy decision as they voted in Gabo Szabó, who volunteered himself, wanting to switch partners. Although they seemed to work fine together, CT still wanted a switch. The Challenge 37 airs Wednesdays at 8/7 Central on MTV.