‘The Challenge’: Beth Stolarczyk Says She Quit ‘Gauntlet 2’ Because Aneesa Ferreira ‘Bullied’ Her

The Real World star Beth Stolarczyk competed in seven seasons of The Challenge and then took a 13-year break before returning for spinoff, All-Stars. Following her early elimination, the reality star continued live tweeting with the episodes. When a fan brought up her quitting The Gauntlet 2 before facing Aneesa Ferreira in an elimination, Beth replied, insisting she left the show for a different reason than one previously stated.

Beth Stolarczyk on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen
Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen — Pictured : Beth Stolarczyk — Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/Getty Images

Beth Stolarczyk competed in seven seasons of ‘The Challenge’

After appearing on The Real World: Los Angeles (1993), Ohio native Beth Stolarczyk debuted on competition spinoff, Real World/Road Rules Challenge (1999).

Out of her seven-season career, she only competed in the finals as a rookie, winning $2,206. After that, she briefly returned for Battle of the Seasons (2002), where she went home first, and Battle of the Sexes (2003), again one of the first to leave.

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Next, the Real World came back for The Inferno 2 (2005) and The Gauntlet 2 (2006) but quit both seasons. She then played a decent game in The Duel (2006) but disqualified herself by not following the rules in a challenge.

Finally, Beth came back for what seemed like the last time in 2008 for The Gauntlet 3 but went home reasonably early after losing an elimination.

She returned for ‘All Stars’

After a decade-long break, Beth returned for spinoff All-Stars which only featured old school players. She began the season strong, winning the first mission alongside her team.

However, the reality star found herself in the following elimination as the losing team’s captain. Although she initially named Kendal Sheppard as someone she wanted to face, Katie Cooley volunteered because her fear of heights prevented her from competing in the challenge.

Wanting to test the power of the newly introduced Life Saver, which saved someone from elimination, Mark used it on Katie. Therefore, he and the House had to decide on a replacement immediately, and they gave Beth her choice of Arissa Hill.

Feeling blindsided, she quit. The Real World star then found herself in another elimination because she partnered with Syrus Yarbough, who finished last in the daily mission. Mainly due to Syrus’s hurt ankle, the two couldn’t keep up in the elimination against Alton Williams and Aneesa Ferreira, who sent the longtime friends home.

Beth later claimed she quit ‘Gauntlet 2’ due to Aneesa Ferreira bullying her

After her elimination aired, Beth continued to live-tweet her opinions regarding the episodes. When Jisela Delgado became upset with Aneesa for not voting how she said she would, the Real World star sided with the former, tweeting, “Aneesa = poor sportsmanship.”

A follower replied to Beth’s tweet, noting they considered the situation “silly” and didn’t understand what Aneesa’s decision had to do with Jisela. They also pointed out the reality star quit during The Gauntlet 2 before facing Aneesa in the Beach Brawl elimination.

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Beth responded to the viewer, claiming the veteran “bullied” her by calling her “old, fat, and ugly.” Therefore, the Real World star said she quit because she didn’t want to give Aneesa the chance to “put her hands on me and possibly punch me.”

Reportedly, Beth chose not to participate because she felt the Gauntlet 2 elimination game went against her morals. The Challenge: All-Stars airs Thursdays on Paramount+.