‘The Challenge’: Big T Says She Wants to ‘Cultivate’ Another Skill so She Isn’t ‘Begging’ to Return

The Challenge fan-favorite Big T Fazakerley announced an indefinite break from the show after four seasons as she wants to focus on her culinary career. The UK native later admitted she wanted to “cultivate” another skill so she isn’t “begging” to return to TV around the same time former finalist Theo Campbell tweeted that he would compete for free.

Big T Fazakerley poses for 'The Challenge: Total Madness' cast photo
‘The Challenge’ star, Big T Fazakerley | MTV

Big T Fazakerley on if she’s afraid to take a break from ‘The Challenge’

While answering questions on her Instagram story in Nov. 2021, 29-year-old four-time competitor Big T Fazakerley responded to a fan who wondered if she had any fear of leaving The Challenge indefinitely.

The UK native stated she didn’t, noting she thought she made a prudent decision to hone another skill, culinary, as she wanted to have a backup plan instead of “begging” the show to invite her back for another season.

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Therefore, the 29-year-old noted she wanted to take “the time to cultivate my other skills and interests.”

Even though the fan-favorite admitted she enjoyed appearing on television, Big T pointed out that she wanted to have another plan in place if the entertainment industry didn’t go as hoped. 

She announced an indefinite break to attend focus on a culinary career

After the episode featuring her elimination from The Challenge: Spies, Lies, and Allies aired, Big T revealed she planned to walk away from the show for an indefinite amount of time.

The UK native explained she got accepted into a cooking school and wanted to focus on her career in culinary. While Big T noted she wished she made it to a final before stepping away, the 29-year-old pointed out that she made long-lasting friendships during her time on the show.

Additionally, she claimed she’s ending her Challenge career “for now,” as she focuses on her “next adventure,” not officially closing the door on her return.

The four-time competitor stated she planned to continue “training,” following host T.J. Lavin’s motto of staying ready and might come back for another season or television show after she “conquers the kitchen.” 

Alum Theo Campbell recently claimed he would compete for free

Around the same time as Big T made her comment about “cultivating” another skill so she wouldn’t have to beg to return to the franchise, former finalist Theo Campbell tweeted that he would compete for free.

The UK native, who holds the record for the most money won by a male without winning the final, has wanted to return for the past few seasons. However, he hasn’t competed since a 2019 freak incident with a champagne cork that has left him partially blind.

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Even so, the UK track star believes he has what it takes to beat the other competitors and win, so much that he claimed he wouldn’t take the compensation to return. He tweeted to the official Twitter account, “Don’t worry about paying me the weekly money. I’m only there for the prize money anyway.”

Veteran Amanda Garcia saw his post and called him “desperate to the max” for volunteering to appear on the show for free, sparking a short exchange between the two. The Challenge: Spies, Lies, and Allies airs Wednesdays on MTV.