‘The Challenge’: ‘Big T’ Fazakerley Explained Why She Drank Too Much on ‘Total Madness’

The Challenge: Total Madness is getting seriously juicy, and several of the rookie competitors are already becoming fan favorites. We have yet to see Tula “Big T” Fazakerley get into an elimination round, but fans already love her for her sassy personality and lovely accent. And now, she’s coming forward with her own accounts of what living in the Total Madness bunker was really like.

We’ve seen Fazakerley quite tipsy on episode 8 — and it resulted in a busted toe as well as a hospital visit. The scene seemed to show Fazakerley much drunker than the other competitors, too, which leaves many fans with questions. Here’s what she said about the drunken incident.

There appears to be a lot of drinking on ‘The Challenge’

There’s money to win and major physical and social gameplay to think through on The Challenge, but there’s also a ton of drama between competitors. And fights, feuds, and hookups are typically exposed when one or more parties start drinking.

On Total Madness, we’ve already seen plenty of alcohol-induced rage from Nany González. While out at the bar, she started getting into it with longtime friend and ally Aneesa Ferreira — but the drinks got the better of her. González ended up throwing her hot cup of noodles in Ferreira’s direction in the bunker during a verbal brawl. Of course, González felt ashamed of her actions and apologized the next morning.

So, how much drinking can contestants engage in? According to Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio, the alcohol is “distributed conservatively,” so there’s not as much as viewers suspect, Insider notes.

‘Big T’ Fazakerley had a serious toe injury after drinking too much

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Not only did we see González drink a bit too much this season, but Fazakerley also was caught on camera a little too tipsy.

“Everyone keeps telling me to toughen up,” Fazakerley slurs to her roommates after a night at the bar. And this then draws the attention of several fellow contestants, like Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio.

“Big T has really come out of her shell,” Devenanzio tells the camera. “Her inebriated, drunk reactions to essentially everything that comes out of our mouth. And just the way she says it and the mannerisms that she has are just incredible.”

Unfortunately, it was all fun and games until Fazakerley smashed her toe. “I look at her toe and it’s just dripping, leaking like a faucet,” Faysal “Fessy” Shafaat told the cameras. Eventually, Fazakerley had to be lowered to the ground with her toe elevated — and she was taken to the hospital for stitches afterward.

She said she drank a lot that night because she sent her friend into the elimination

So, why did Fazakerley get drunker than her fellow competitors the night of the split toe incident? She told Challenge Mania that she actually felt incredibly guilty for throwing Shafaat into an elimination round.

“I felt really upset … there comes a certain time in the game when you can’t be friends with everybody. … And I said a name, I felt really bad about it,” she told the podcast. “I nominated Fessy, and I really felt guilty about it. I felt extremely guilty about it. … Which is why I was drinking a lot, because I just felt so guilty and I just felt really down about that.”

Fazakerley then explained there was also “an incident at the bar,” which caused the toe incident. She thought someone on the show was “talking badly” about her — but she was mistaken. “Somebody told me that that person was coming for me … and so, you know, I got very defensive. … That’s when you see me jumping off the bed on my way to fight.”

Shafaat was able to fight his way back into the house after defeating Jordan Wiseley, so we’ll have to wait and see if there are any hard feelings between him and Fazakerley.

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