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The Challenge champs Brad Fiorenza and Jodi Weatherton formed one of the most dominant teams during All Stars 2, enjoying back-to-back challenge wins. However, their streak ended when he ripped off boxes during a mission instead of untying them, sending the pair straight into elimination. After their exit, the two claimed they didn’t know about the rules and implied the producers manufactured the disqualification.

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Brad Fiorenza and Jodi Weatherton claim they didn’t know about rules that led to disqualification in ‘The Challenge: All Stars 2’

Following the episode, EW published an exit interview with Brad Fiorenza and Jodi Weatherton in which they claimed the producers didn’t clarify the rules about untying the boxes first during the Make the Connection challenge.

“They filmed T.J. [Lavin] giving those rules after the fact because they did not tell us about the knots,” adding she felt they looked like “idiots.”

Brad agreed, explaining that although he couldn’t hear the rules as the medics taped his finger at the time, he also knew other players didn’t know either.

The eliminated team insisted they would’ve performed well in the challenge had they known about the knots and admitted they wished they would’ve asked more questions.

They believe production manufactured disqualification after their performance

Although the Cutthroat champ pointed out how “difficult” it is for producers to relay the rules and “referee” the challenge, he still thought they should’ve made sure everyone knew.

Additionally, Jodi said she thought production changed the rules following their performance, claiming they deliberated for 20 minutes after previously lining them up and then disqualified the team.

The two-time champ also accused the producers of making it up, pointing out they were only told falling off the truck served as disqualification.

According to Jodi, the producers checked on them after the challenge, which she felt proved their guilt. “They knew that they made this up at the last moment, and it could have ruined our chances of getting to the final, which it did, ultimately.” 

Jodi and Brad were eliminated after getting disqualified

After last competing in 2018’s Final Reckoning, Brad returned for spinoff All Stars, hoping for his second win. Partnered with Katie Cooley (Doyle) for the first daily mission, he won the second alongside the Black Team before getting thrown into elimination against Derrick Kosinski.

He came out on top and went on to win two missions alongside Jodi, his teammate, for the rest of the season. Jodi, a two-time champ, hadn’t competed since 2006 when she won The Duel. Returning for All Stars 2, she won the first daily mission before quickly finding herself in elimination.


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After making it out, she and Brad went on a winning streak, keeping themselves safe as they were on the outs of a bigger alliance, The Palace. Additionally, considered a strong team, the two wanted to make sure they weren’t targeted. However, their disqualification during the Make the Connection challenge sent them straight to elimination just before the finals.

Pinned against allies and another formidable pair, Darrell Taylor and Janelle Casanave, the two came up short and went home. Both have expressed interest in returning if given the opportunity. The Challenge: All Stars airs on Paramount+.