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The Challenge star Cara Maria Sorbello holds the record for the most elimination wins by a female and shares another Aneesa Ferreira for competing in the most seasons. Although she’s a two-time champ, considered a fixture in the series, and finished in the finals five times in a row, Sorbello has yet to return since War of the Worlds 2. While answering questions on Instagram, the 34-year-old addressed rumors she’s received a call to return for another season.

'Watch What Happens Live wtih Andy Cohen' -- Pictured (l-r): Johnny Bananas Devenanzio and Cara Maria Sorbello
‘Watch What Happens Live wtih Andy Cohen’ — Pictured (l-r): Johnny Bananas Devenanzio and Cara Maria Sorbello | Charles Sykes

Cara Maria Sorbello has competed in 14 seasons of ‘The Challenge’

At the age of 23, Massachusetts-native Cara Maria Sorbello debuted on Fresh Meat II, partnered with multi-season champ Darrell Taylor. However, the two were eliminated first from the competition.

She quickly bounced back in Cutthroat and Rivals, clocking a second-place finish. After a couple of early exits, Sorbello placed second again in Rivals II before an injury hindered her chances in Free Agents.

She then won her first season alongside her cousin in Battle of the Bloodlines. Following an early elimination in Invasion of the Champions, Sorbello finished in the finals for five seasons straight, including an individual win in Vendettas.

Despite being a fixture in the series, she hasn’t returned in a couple of years.

She hasn’t appeared since ‘War of the Worlds 2’

During Final Reckoning in 2018, Sorbello met Big Brother 18 star, Paulie Calafiore. Although they got off to a rough start as he still had something going on with an ex at the time, the two officially began dating in 2019 and have since moved in together.

They competed in both installations of War of the Worlds as a power couple that ran the house based on alliances. Following the premiere of War of the Worlds 2, the two announced they were taking a break.

On an episode of the US Weekly podcast, Sorbello claimed they were taking time off for their “own sanity.” However, a few castmates, namely Jemmye Carroll, insisted the producers cut Calafiore because he posted videos they classified as threats to the other competitors.

According to this theory, Sorbello also chose to sit out when they supposedly cut her boyfriend. The couple has denied the claims, and Calafiore has accused Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio of blocking them from returning.

Sorbello on if she’s returning for season 37

Additionally, Sorbello noted in a direct message with a fan that she believed the producers “rigged” Total Madness for Devenanzio to win and didn’t want to be a part of it.

Even so, the two have expressed their desire to return to the show. Halfway through Double Agents, the second season they missed, a fan asked Sorbello if she planned on returning to the competitive series.


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The 34-year-old responded, “my phone is on,” implying she has yet to receive an availability call from the casting team but would likely return.

Sorbello and Calafiore have spent their time away in their Montana-based home, and he has begun training for the Olympic bobsledding team. The Challenge 36 airs Wednesdays at 8/7 Central on MTV.