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MTV’s The Challenge has been on television for over two decades, and we’ve watched some serious drama unfold. While new competitors try to go for the big money with each new season, there are certain faces we’ve seen over and over again. And one of them is Cara Maria Sorbello.

Sorbello made her Challenge debut back in 2010 with Fresh Meat 2. And while she dated fellow competitor Abram Boise for years, she’s now with Paulie Calafiore. The two ran the final together during War of the Worlds 2, but they couldn’t pull out the win. Even so, they appeared to work well together, and they’re often featured on each other’s Instagrams.

Some are starting to wonder if Calafiore and Sorbello are still together, however. And Sorbello’s recap of 2019 that she posted to Instagram didn’t seem to include any mention of Calafiore. Here’s what she wrote.

Cara Maria Sorbello and Paulie Calafiore didn’t spend the holidays together

Sorbello and Calafiore’s relationship has thrown fans for a loop since the beginning. The duo met during Final Reckoning and seemed to get close at the end of the season — though Calafiore had a girlfriend at home at the time. His long-term relationship with Danielle Maltby was exposed when she took to the press to share her feelings.

“I want to vomit because it makes me so sick to think that someone can sit there and spout out these professions of love to me and then hang up the phone and go and f*** someone else,” Us Weekly reports Maltby said.

Despite the rocky start, Calafiore and Sorbello seem to be a match made in heaven. Though fans are starting to wonder if something’s amiss. Sorbello didn’t spend the holidays with Calafiore, and she hasn’t mentioned him on her Instagram since mid-November 2019.

Sorbello didn’t mention Calafiore on her 2019 Instagram recap

A lot occurred for Sorbello in 2019. While she remains laser-focused on her workouts, The Challenge, and her horses, she also bought a new home and designed her own workout gear. Not only that, but her relationship with Calafiore went very public, and he appeared to be a huge part of her life in 2019.

Oddly enough, Sorbello started recapping her 2019 on Instagram — and she didn’t mention her relationship with Calafiore at all. She posted a photo of her with one of her horses and added a caption that primarily revolved around her relationship with her animals.

“2019 in a a nutshell:
Hugged my horse
Went to work so I could continue to feed and house the horse. 
Hugged my horse,” Sorbello wrote in her post.

She then continued, “Designed some @lamerasportswearleggings and @itstheshizknits socks. 
Id like the gift of being able to keep huggin my horse for years to come. Shes Dirty 30 n slowin down a bit but shes got the heart of a lion… and an ear full of my secrets.”

Her Instagram followers are wondering what’s up

When Sorbello posted her holiday photos that didn’t feature Calafiore, she told her followers not to look too far into it. But her 2019 post is causing her fans to ask questions.

“What about Paulie??” a follower questioned.

“Damn what about @paulcalafiore_ ?!!!” another asked.

We also can’t ignore that when another follower said, “@misscaramaria take care of you and your girl. The rest is all noise,” Sorbello responded to this with “best wish ever.”

It’s likely Sorbello will ignore the questions regarding her relationship until she’s ready to go public with any news she has (if she has any at all). As for Calafiore, he hasn’t mentioned Sorbello in quite some time, either. We’ll have to wait and see if they’re still together in 2020.

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