‘The Challenge’: Is CT Removed From the Show After Altercation With Fessy?

CT Tamburello has played MTV’s The Challenge for years, and he’s won a number of seasons. Now, he’s competing on The Challenge: Double Agents, and he’s seen a lot of success so far. But a promo for episode 15 of the season shows CT getting in an altercation with fellow player Fessy Shafaat. Could this fight spell doom for CT?

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for MTV’s The Challenge: Double Agents.]

How old is CT Tamburello? He’s played MTV’s ‘The Challenge’ for years

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Those who’ve kept up with MTV’s The Challenge over the years know plenty about CT. The veteran contestant got his start on The Real World, and from there, he went on to earn a lot of money from The Challenge. And he also earned the reputation of being a hot-headed competitor.

Now that CT’s older and wiser, he’s calmed down quite a bit. Looking back at how he used to be, he has some harsh words for his younger self. “Look at this cocky prick walking around with his beanie cap on, look at that broccoli head,” CT said about himself on Real World according to a video posted in 2019. “No wonder why I was getting into so many fights, like, I want to punch this kid.”

Today, he’s 40 years old. While he’s not as young and athletic as he once was, he still has many years of wisdom gained from Challenge seasons of the past. And he’s proving to be a force to be reckoned with on Double Agents, as he earned his gold skull and looks ready to compete in the final.

CT Tamburello and Fessy Shafaat get into an altercation on ‘Double Agents’

C.T. Tamburello from MTV's 'The Challenge' yelling and holding a paper plate of whipped cream at Comedy Central event
C.T. Tamburello from ‘The Challenge’ attends Double Dare presented by Mtn Dew Kickstart at Comedy Central | Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for Mountain Dew

Those who’ve watched CT over the years know he’s mellowed out significantly over time. At one point in his career with MTV’s The Challenge. it was commonplace for CT to get kicked off of the show for fighting with other contestants. Now, fans will often see CT leave the drama behind even when fighting words are exchanged between other competitors.

It looks like CT’s passive streak might end, though. In the preview for episode 15 of Double Agents, CT and Fessy get into a yelling match at the bar.

“I’m coming for the crown,” Fessy tells CT.

“Don’t go there,” CT warns.

Aneesa Ferreira, another veteran player who knows CT quite well, speaks to the camera about the altercation. “This definitely is reminding me of old CT,” she says.

Finally, fans see footage of CT and Fessy yelling in each other’s faces.

“You’re a used-to,” Fessy adds.

“I’m still here!” CT yells back. “What are you gonna do?”

Does CT win ‘The Challenge’?

So, does the altercation between Fessy and CT cost CT his place in the show? It looks like whatever happens isn’t that serious. According to International Business Times, CT continues on with the show and ends up winning the entire season of MTV’s The Challenge: Double Agents.

While CT is currently paired with Big T Fazakerley, it seems that partnership also gets switched up. CT runs the final with Amber Borzotra, and that’s who he crosses the finish line first with.

Fessy allegedly also makes it into the final, so whatever happens between him and CT on episode 15 can’t be that serious. We’ll have to wait and see what happens. As for future seasons, we doubt Fessy and CT will work together.

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