‘The Challenge’: CT Tamburello Says Josh Martinez ‘Rubbed Him the Wrong Way’ Before Season 36

During The Challenge 36, four-time competitor Josh Martinez and three-time champ CT Tamburello didn’t get along well and worked on opposite sides of the house. The two got into a heated argument early into the competition when CT felt Josh inserted himself into a situation that had nothing to do with him. After the BB19 champ earned his gold skull, CT made it a point to come after it. While some fans believe his beef with “the Goof” is due to their argument, CT noted Josh “rubbed him the wrong way” before the season began.

Chris "CT" Tamburello hosts his B-Day bash at The Pool After Dark
Chris “CT” Tamburello hosts his B-Day bash at The Pool After Dark | Tom Briglia

CT Tamburello and Josh Martinez returned for ‘The Challenge 36’

After losing three in a row, Big Brother winner Josh Martinez won his first elimination during Double Agents, securing the last gold skull and ticket to the finals for the men.

Following CT Tamburello’s decision to choose Ashley Mitchell as a partner over Kam Williams, the latter and her boyfriend and veteran Leroy Garrett teamed up with the Big Brother alliance to blindside him.

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Although it worked, the plan backfired as it ended up being a girls’ elimination day. Rookie Natalie Anderson eliminated his partner, and CT went rogue until teaming up with Big T Fazakerley a couple of weeks later.

CT wants to face Josh in an elimination

After that, the BB alliance blocked CT from competing for a gold skull as they refused to vote him in again. Therefore, he could only get into elimination if he won a daily mission and threw himself in.

While it seemed difficult because he doesn’t have the strongest competitor as a partner, they won Air Lift during the Feb. 24 episode, with her outperforming him.

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Assuming the guys would face off in the upcoming Crater, CT went around to several competitors and asked them to vote in Josh, or “the Goof as he called him,” because he perceived the BB champ as the biggest layup.

However, protected by his giant alliance, the house chose to send in Josh’s rival, Devin Walker, and his teammate, Gabby Allen. Even though CT preferred the Goof, he still seemed willing to battle for Devin’s gold skull until a security breach happened, likely changing their plans.

CT says Josh ‘rubbed him the wrong way’

Toward the beginning of the season, CT and Josh got into an argument when the BB champ intervened in a disagreement between the three-time champion and Big Brother 20 winner Kaycee Clark.

Josh getting involved with the situation annoyed CT, and the two went at it until producers separated them. However, in the Feb.24 aftershow, the veteran claimed his real issue with Josh happened before the season when they hung out in Miami.

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According to CT, the four-time competitor said he wouldn’t send him into elimination at the time only to turn around and vote him during the first episode.

Although Josh tried to explain he made a move he thought would benefit his game, CT noted he wouldn’t forget it, which is why he personally wanted to face off against Josh for his gold skull. The Challenge 36 airs Wednesdays at 8/7 Central on MTV.