‘The Challenge’: CT Tamburello Told Others He Planned on Switching Partners Beforehand as Strategy

Veteran CT Tamburello eagerly switched partners after earning his skull, hurting Big T Fazakerley’s feelings as he didn’t previously discuss his decision with her. Following the episode during the official aftershow, a few The Challenge 36 co-stars explained CT went around to several female competitors before the elimination and claimed he would pick them if he won his gold skull as a threat.

Chris 'C.T.' Tamburello attends Double Dare
Chris ‘C.T.’ Tamburello attends Double Dare | Matt Winkelmeyer

CT Tamburello partnered with Big T Fazakerley during ‘The Challenge 36’

Following an embarrassingly early exit last season, CT Tamburello returned for Double Agents and picked two-time champ Ashley Mitchell as a partner over veteran Kam Williams.

Therefore, Killa Kam flipped the house to blindside them into the first elimination. However, it backfired as it ended up being a girls’ day that closed with Ashley going home first.

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After Big T Fazakerley successfully rid herself of her initial partner, she and CT formed a new team. While she always seemed ecstatic to work alongside the three-time champ, he didn’t think he had a chance of winning a daily mission.

Because the majority alliance blocked CT out of elimination, he had to become a double agent to have an opportunity to earn his gold skull.

He later switched to Kam Williams

During the Air Lift challenge, Big T surprised her partner, and everyone else, by out-performing him and pulling out the victory when they needed it.

Even though most of the house didn’t vote in Josh “the Goof” Martinez as CT requested, a security breach allowed him to face the Big Brother champ anyways.

For the double guys’ elimination, CT had the power to choose who the house vote, Devin Walker, would compete against and selected Josh for himself. His plan worked out, and he successfully stole Josh’s skull, sending him home.

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Following his victory, CT declared he wanted to switch partners and team up with Kam. He also expressed regret for not choosing her to begin with, upsetting Big T as he hadn’t talked to her about his decision.

Therefore, the former partners got into a heated argument later as she tried to explain why she felt so “humiliated” by him.

CT reportedly threatened others by telling them he planned on changing teammates

Following the episode, a few The Challenge 36 co-stars appeared on the official aftershow alongside host, former MTV star Devyn Simone. Rookie Nam Vo revealed he advised CT to warn Big T about switching partners beforehand, but the veteran didn’t listen.

According to the Ultimate Beastmaster star, he also knew CT planned on swapping teammates because the veteran asked him if he could choose Nam’s former partner, Lolo Jones before she quit.

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Big T noted that CT told her that he had no intention of switching partners and said it to threaten others so they would vote his way. Veteran Nany González verified her story, explaining CT mentioned stealing her from Josh if he won his elimination.

She said she told Kam, who claimed the veteran also had the same conversation with her. Therefore, they knew he was telling everyone the same thing to guarantee he faced who he wanted to battle in elimination. The Challenge 36 airs Wednesdays at 8/7 Central on MTV.