‘The Challenge’: CT Tamburello Said a New ‘Real World’ Will Be ‘Nothing Like the Original’

MTV’s The Challenge features a number of stars from The Real World, and CT Tamburello is one of them. CT has been on numerous Challenge seasons and is a dominating force when it comes to elimination rounds. And it turns out he has some serious opinions about any new Real World seasons that could take place moving forward. Here’s what he said.

When was CT Tamburello on ‘The Real World’?

CT got his start with MTV thanks to The Real World: Paris. The show aired back in 2003. He was known as the “bad boy” in the house and frequently was in the center of conflict on the show. When he entered reality TV, he was just 23 years old — and he’s certainly learned a lot since then.

The reality star looked back at his time on The Real World, too — and he had nothing but bad things to say about himself. “Look at this cocky prick walking around with his beanie cap on, look at that broccoli head,” CT said in response to watching a video of himself from the 2003 season found on MTV’s The Challenge YouTube channel.

“No wonder why I was getting into so many fights, like, I want to punch this kid,” he added.

CT also gave his “younger self” advice in the video. “Stay humble,” he said. “Settle down there, superstar. You got lucky, hit the lottery, won a free trip. Cut your hair.”

‘The Challenge’ star said a new ‘Real World’ won’t be like the old seasons

CT Tamburello from 'The Real World' and other members of MTV's 'The Challenge' sitting and laughing together
CT Tamburello and other members of MTV’s ‘The Challenge’ | Lars Niki/Getty Images for MTV

The Real World has a ton of history, and fans still adore the old seasons of the show. After CT’s season, he pivoted toward The Challenge, and he’s still playing the game today. He appeared on the 2021 season, Double Agents. And when looking back at his time as a reality star in 2003, it seems he thinks the newer Real World seasons lost their luster.

“I’m not trying to knock the show because I love it, but now I feel like it’s basically a machine,” CT told Rolling Stone back in 2018. The Real World got put on the back burner because it felt stale. It just seemed like it was the same seven people cast every season with different names and different faces. It is what it is. If it makes a comeback, it’ll be nothing like the original. Then again, I’m about to be 38. Maybe it’s not the same for me because I’m not in my 20s anymore.

Will ‘The Real World’ come back?

MTV's 'The Real World: Paris' cast standing together on the red carpet
MTV’s ‘The Real World: Paris’ cast on the red carpet | KMazur/WireImage

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So, is the classic series slated for a return? It looks like the reality show is coming back with the original cast from season 1. Paramount+ with the help of MTV is bringing back the 1992 cast to create The Real World Homecoming: New York. Eric Nies, Julie (Oliver) Gentry, Heather B. Gardner, Kevin Powell, Norman Korpi, Andre Comeau, and Rebecca Blasband are all coming back into the original house as middle-aged adults.

We’re excited to see what the new series brings to the table. Hopefully, it’s not “stale,” the CT predicted a reboot might be. And if fans love the new series, there’s a good chance there could be future seasons.

As for CT, we’ll continue to catch him on The Challenge until he decides to officially call it quits.

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