‘The Challenge’: Dee Nguyen Is Still Coming at Jenn Lee on Instagram After the Rogan O’Connor Flirting Scandal

The Challenge is back with Total Madness, and it’s hard to believe all the drama that’s already occurred on the show. While Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio and Wes Bergmann are stirring the pot with their unlikely alliance, all eyes are on last season’s winners, Dee Nguyen and Rogan O’Connor, to see how their relationship goes.

Those who follow the show know Nguyen fell hard and fast for O’Connor — and O’Connor didn’t appear to reciprocate feelings. So far, on Total Madness, O’Connor’s already tried flirting with another contestant, Jenn Lee — and Nguyen sent Lee straight into an elimination to lose. Now, it looks like Nguyen is still willing to stir the pot on Instagram, as she posted a snarky comment that’s hard to ignore.

Dee Nguyen didn’t approve of Rogan O’Connor flirting with Jenn Lee

When Nguyen entered Total Madness, she seemed excited to reconnect with O’Connor despite past hurts. On War of the Worlds 2, O’Connor made it known he was willing to throw Nguyen into an elimination if it was better for his game — but the two allegedly maintained a friendship after the season ended. While it’s clear they aren’t dating, the expectations in their relationship remain uncertain. And Nguyen got aggressive when O’Connor started flirting with rookie contestant Jenn Lee.

While O’Connor was seen giving Lee advice in the Challenge house, Nguyen talked to Tori Deal about why she felt betrayed. “Obviously, we care about each other, you know?” Nguyen told Deal after watching O’Connor and Lee. “There’s, like, there’s a lot of sh*t there that’s like, unsaid, like, after the last season. Now, we talked to each other every single f*cking day. He said to me, like, ‘I miss you, I love you,’ and whatever, you know.”

Ultimately, Nguyen threw Lee into an elimination round against one of the strongest female players in the house, Jenny West. Lee was easily defeated.

Nguyen chose to flirt with and kiss Jay Starrett in response

While Lee was sent home, Nguyen wasn’t finished stirring the pot just yet. She chose to make O’Connor jealous by flirting with rookie Jay Starrett.

“I like having Jay around because he’s really cute and I get along with him, I enjoy flirting with him, and I like making Rogan mad,” Nguyen told the cameras. “Rogan was not putting my feelings into consideration when he was flirting with Jenn, so I’m going to give him a taste of his own medicine.”

Starrett didn’t seem too keen on the flirtation at first — but later at the bar, he and Nguyen did end up going in for a makeout session. This made O’Connor angry, which is just what Nguyen hoped for. And O’Connor even begged the tribunal to allow him to get into an elimination round against Starrett in the hopes that he could send him home.

Nguyen is still coming at Lee via Instagram

Nguyen and O’Connor made amends after Nguyen flirted with Starrett. But it seems she might still be holding a grudge against Lee. While Lee and O’Connor don’t appear to have any relationship post-Challenge, Nguyen left a shady comment on The Challenge Instagram.

The Instagram posted a deleted scene on April 14 of Lee giving her final words before exiting the show. To that, Nguyen commented, “Why won’t Jen just reply to my DMs? I just want to be friends. Rivals?”

The comment has 180 likes so far — but many others think Nguyen should just let the brief rivalry go.

One follower commented, “you need to stop milking this ‘story line’ to be noticed. It makes you look bad! Be smart and carry on.”

“I used to like you until the way you went after a girl over a man that doesn’t even want you,” another wrote. “This show is about taking out someone, and you let another do it for you. Weak.”

We’ll have to wait and see if Nguyen can move on from O’Connor or if she’ll continue to stay loyal to him as Total Madness progresses.

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