‘The Challenge’: Dee Nguyen Told Jay Starrett She ‘Still’ Loves Him on Instagram

The current season of The Challenge is already proving to be one of the wildest yet. We’ve seen incredibly elimination challenges, and some of the most infamous veteran enemies, like Wes Bergmann and Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio, are working together to get to the end of Total Madness. But there are a few other lesser-known players who are making a name for themselves. And one of them is Dee Nguyen.

Nguyen is a tough competitor, as she won War of the Worlds 2 and learned her strategic gameplay from Bergmann. But she’s constantly battling for attention from her ex, Rogan O’Connor. And her flirtatious advances toward newbie Jay Starrett are also causing a splash both on and off the show.

Dee Nguyen tried to flirt with Jay Starrett to make Rogan O’Connor jealous

Nguyen certainly isn’t the first Challenge competitor to pursue a relationship with another contestant. But her relations with O’Connor have raised serious eyebrows. Nguyen fell for O’Connor on War of the Worlds 2, but he made it known he was just using her out of boredom. Even so, Nguyen went into Total Madness hoping they could rekindle their old flame. And she grew jealous when O’Connor gave attention to female competitor Jenn Lee.

“There’s, like, there’s a lot of sh*t there that’s like, unsaid, like, after the last season. Now, we talked to each other every single f*cking day. He said to me, like, ‘I miss you, I love you,’ and whatever, you know,” Nguyen secretly explained to Tori Deal on the show.

Nguyen’s jealousy ultimately led her to flirt with Starrett. While Starrett didn’t seem too interested, their makeout session drew the ire of O’Connor, as he then hoped to take Starrett out during an elimination round.

Starrett clapped back at Nguyen on Twitter after she said he blocked her

It looks like Starrett and Nguyen didn’t sustain a lasting friendship after the show. While she maintains she’s still in love with O’Connor, she’s tweeted about Starrett quite often.

“@Jay__Qs⁩ call me. Let me make it up to you. I promise I’ll be different this time round,” she captioned another photo of the two of them together,” Nguyen tweeted to Starrett on April 29, which was accompanied by a photo of the two of them from the show.

Nguyen followed this tweet with, “I’m sorry. Someone tag him. I think he has me blocked :/.” This finally got Starrett’s attention.

“Lmao blocked you?! I don’t block anyone that’s a waste of my time to care that much lol. Let the character go Dee,” Starrett clapped back. And it became quite clear that Nguyen was looking for attention Starrett wasn’t willing to give her.

Nguyen is still trying to get Starrett’s attention

Starrett is clearly over Nguyen — but Nguyen clearly wants Starrett’s attention. On April 30, Starrett posted a photo of himself to Instagram that shows him holding a newspaper on fire. “Every flame starts with a spark. This is only the beginning of my fire,” he captioned the post. And Nguyen took to the comments.

“I still love u,” she commented. Of course, fans roasted her.

One fan commented under her post, “you got rogan’s back for what? He tried playing you last season , he playing you this season. The dude is a tool. Real life lifetime movie right here.”

“She’s acting like a junior high schooler and doing Jay that way is wrong,” another wrote. “All she was doing was trying to make Rogan jealous when he didn’t give 2-shots about her sleeping with someone else prior to coming in.”

It looks like Starrett and Nguyen probably aren’t meant to be — but Nguyen might just keep trying! 

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