‘The Challenge’: Devin Walker Breaks Down Exactly Who Is In an Alliance With Who On ‘Double Agents’

So far, The Challenge: Double Agents has been a fun and exciting season thanks to the beautiful Icelandic locations and the extreme challenges. However, season 36 has been a bit confusing because of the secret voting.

There has also been a lot less airtime devoted to game politics and alliances. Keeping up with the contestants and figuring out who is working together has been difficult. Luckily, Challenge vet Devin Walker helped clear things up during a recent interview.

The Challenge
Devin Walker with other castmembers of ‘The Challenge’ | Lars Niki/Getty Images for MTV

‘The Challenge’ just dropped a big twist

During episode 7, the contestants played Aerial Takedown. The game featured five competitors hanging on a net full of cargo while dangling from a helicopter flying over frigid water. The winner is the competitor who knocks all of their opponents off the net in the fastest time.

Kaycee Clark won the first female heat, and the second went to Amber Borzotra. The guys, however, decided to just all hang on the net and everyone was disqualified.

In the second guys’ heat, Jay and Leroy had a bit of a battle and Mechie fell off. The remaining four ended up disqualified because time ran out.

Later in the episode, host TJ Lavin revealed a big twist when he said that the votes didn’t count for all of the guys who didn’t attempt the daily mission. By the end of the episode, Leroy earned a Gold Skull and Jay was eliminated.

Devin Walker says there are ‘three main groups’ in the house

Walker revealed on the Challenge Mania podcast that he was mostly keeping track of the male side of the alliances. He admitted that this “is an important thing to get out because it is confusing.” The Challenge vet also explained that there are three main groups in the house this season.

Walker said there was a room they called “The Barn,” which had a group of 12 people. They included Josh Martinez, Fessy Shafaat, and Kaycee Clark.

“And that’s the core of the Big Brother alliance. With them, in the beginning, and even still kind of now, you had Cory [Wharton], Nelson [Thomas] and Jay [Starrett],” Walker explained.

He then noted that Leroy Garrett and Darrell Taylor are “kind of floaters” who were playing their own game with Mechie [Demetrius Harris]. However, he said they generally tend to side with the Big Brother alliance. Walker did note that Leroy and Darrell were in the best position because they were often the swing vote.

The third group was Walker’s room, with Wes Bergmann, Nam Vo, Chris “CT” Tamburello, and originally Lio Rush. Walker didn’t mention Kyle Christie, though, who is usually allied with on the show.

The female alliances on ‘The Challenge’ are just as confusing

There’s also a lot of confusion about the female side of the alliances. However, there is one group that does appear to be working together. Tula “Big T” Fazakerley, Gabby Allen, and Amber Martinez formed the “Itty Bitty Small Committee.” They are known as the rookies of the house, despite the fact that this is Tula’s third season.

There is still a question about Lolo Jones and Amber Borzotra’s alliances. They could be involved with the Itty Bitty Small Committee, but that’s not a sure thing. Kaycee Clark appears to be working with the Big Brother guys. And, it’s possible that Amber is too.


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Veterans Aneesa Ferreira, Kam Williams, and Nany Gonzalez also appear to be working together. However, MTV cameras haven’t given them a lot of screen time when it comes to their game conversations.

Theresa Jones is really working the game this season and appears to have alliances on both sides of the house. During the most recent episode Theresa convinced the Itty Bitty Small Committee to vote in Ashley Mitchell.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays on MTV.