‘The Challenge’: Devin Walker Once Went On a 10-Day Silent Retreat to Fix the Weakest Part of His Game — His Mouth

The Challenge: Ride or Dies marks Devin Walker’s seventh time competing, but he’s still looking for his first win. His best finishes so far were in his rookie season, Rivals III, and in last season’s Spies, Lies, and Allies. Both times, he made the finals and finished third. 

Nearly halfway through season 38, Devin looks like he could be heading to another final — this time with his teammate Tori Deal. How has Devin improved his gameplay the past couple of seasons? According to the Are You The One? alum, he went on a 10-day silent retreat to fix the weakest part of his game.

Devin Walker attends The Challenge XXX: Ultimate Fan Experience Q & A and Reception at The Roxy Hotel on July 17, 2017 in New York City
‘The Challenge’ star Devin Walker | Lars Niki/Getty Images for MTV

Devin Walker went on a 10-day silent retreat ahead of ‘The Challenge: Spies, Lies, and Allies’

Heading into season 37 Spies, Lies, and Allies, Devin was coming off four straight appearances on The Challenge where he never even got close to the final. The reason for his disappointing finishes is that Devin knows how to push other players’ buttons to make them blow up and ruin their social game — which ultimately puts a target on his back and prevents him from getting that elusive first win.

Devin became aware of this liability in his gameplay and decided to do something about it. He told Entertainment Weekly that before competing in season 37, he went on a 10-day silent retreat.

“At the end of last season, the only thing I could think of that would have propelled my game in a better direction is to bite my tongue. In an interview after my elimination, I said, ‘I don’t know what I need to do. Maybe I should go to a silent retreat.’ Well, I did just that,” Devin said.

‘The Challenge’ star wanted to fix his Achilles heel

“In preparation for season 37, I did a 10-day, fully silent retreat in an attempt to learn to bite my tongue. I have downgraded from a ladle probably to a teaspoon for my stirring utensil. I’ve said for a long time that you have to play the game, you can’t let the game play you,” Devin explained.

“My inability to be quiet was probably my Achilles heel, and I went ahead and learned how to just shut right up.”

Learning how to be quiet and silently stir the pot while competing on The Challenge proved to be a successful strategy in season 37 since Devin was able to make it back to the finals and finish third. In season 38, he’s staying quiet again and doesn’t even seem to be worried each week with every elimination. 

But just when Devin seems to be getting closer and closer to his first win, his fellow Challenge veterans have started figuring him out.

Devin Walker has made a lot of deals, and is pulling Nelson Thomas’ strings

In episode 7 of Ride or Dies, Devin suggested to Tori that they make a temporary deal with Jay Starrett and Michele Fitzgerald because they keep winning daily events. But, Tori warned him about acting shady towards their fellow vets and friends. In response, Devin told her, “you have to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing” to win.

Later in the episode, Nelson and Nurys Mateo claimed the daily victory and had the power to choose teams for elimination. But instead of Nelson and Nurys having their own team strategy, Nelson turned to Devin and Jay about what to do. Ultimately, Nelson did exactly what Devin wanted — and Johnny Bananas noticed.


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That led to more vets realizing that Devin was definitely stirring the pot, and they figured out that he’s made deals with a lot of people. They also realized that he was pulling Nelson’s strings. Fans will have to keep watching to find out if being a quiet puppet master will score Devin his first win.

The Challenge: Ride or Dies airs Wednesdays on MTV.