‘The Challenge’: Does Big T Make it to the Final After Blow Out With CT?

MTV’s The Challenge is full of twists and turns, and there are plenty of players on Double Agents playing a dirty game. CT Tamburello and Big T Fazakerley were paid up for quite a few weeks, and they worked very well together as friends and partners. Unfortunately, CT burned Big T by embarrassing her after ditching her as a partner. So, does Big T make it to the final without CT by her side?

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for The Challenge: Double Agents finale and elimination rounds.]

What happened between Big T and CT on MTV’s ‘The Challenge’?

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Big T and CT seemed like an unlikely duo to compete together on The Challenge, but thanks to their incredible teamwork, they managed to pull through. They won a very physical elimination and bested the competition, putting them in a position of power so either of them could compete in an elimination round and get their gold skull. CT then chose to throw himself into an elimination round against Josh Martinez.

So, did CT win The Challenge elimination? The veteran pulled out the win and achieved his ticket to the final. But when it came time to choose a partner, CT enthusiastically chose Kam Williams — and it deeply hurt Big T’s feelings.

Later, CT felt guilty for his reaction to choosing Kam, and he attempted an apology. But it didn’t go over well, as he told Big T she’d never be ready for a final and he certainly couldn’t win with her by his side.

“I’m not friends with people who talk to me like that down in the crater,” Big T told CT by a campfire back at the house. “Be a decent person. Actions speak louder than words. CT, we’re done. Goodbye.

Does Big T make it to the final?

Big T wants nothing more than to prove herself after her blow-out argument with CT. While CT is convinced Big T won’t make it in a final and partnering up with Kam would give him the best opportunity to get the money, he certainly lit a flame under Big T.

So, does Big T make it to the finale for MTV’s The Challenge: Double Agents? Sadly, it doesn’t look like she does — but she does take a veteran player out along the way. The Challenge Fandom page issued spoilers suggesting Big T takes out veteran champ Aneesa Ferreira and achieves her gold skull. But during one of the last elimination rounds, she loses her hard-earned gold skull to Amber Borzotra.

When Big T competes against Aneesa, she reportedly bests her in “Fire Escape” — a game requiring contestants are bound by their hands and ankles while quickly shimmying along a beam. When Big T loses to Amber, she participates in the infamous “Hall Brawl.”

Who wins ‘The Challenge: Double Agents’?

CT Tamburello and Wes Bergmann sitting together during a reunion of MTV's 'The Challenge'
CT Tamburello and Wes Bergmann from MTV’s ‘The Challenge’ | Mike Coppola/Getty Images

If Big T doesn’t make it all the way to the end, who wins this season of The Challenge? According to the Fandom page, it looks like it’s Amber and CT who come out on top. It seems they’re teamed up going into the final and make it to first place for the big money.

So, what happens to CT and Kam? It looks like Cory Wharton wins an elimination against Darrell Taylor, and he steals Kam away from CT. From there, CT is placed with Amber.

We’re hoping Big T makes a major comeback in future seasons, as she’s proved she can take out veteran players, handle herself with grace, and still be a major physical and mental force in the game.

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