‘The Challenge’: Fans Are Roasting Dee Nguyen After She Doesn’t Compete Against Jenn Lee in ‘Total Madness’

The Challenge: Total Madness is already off to a roaring start, and we can’t wait to see how some storylines progress. So far, we’ve seen both veterans and rookies alike try their hand at some seriously grueling challenges. But the physicality of the game aside, it’s the drama that we’re all paying attention to. And Dee Nguyen seems to be holding on to hope that she and Rogan O’Connor can rekindle the romance they started on War of the Worlds 2.

O’Connor made it clear on War of the Worlds 2 that he wasn’t actually that interested in Nguyen. And when he started flirting with contestant Jenn Lee on Total Madness, she became enemy No. 1 for Nguyen. While Lee was sent home, fans think Nguyen hid behind fear when she should’ve been the one to eliminate the apple of O’Connor’s eye.

Dee Nguyen is still very attached to Rogan O’Connor on ‘Total Madness’

Nguyen was totally fooled by O’Connor on War of the Worlds 2. While she developed real and lasting feelings for the competitor, O’Connor told his fellow friends on the show that he was just using Nguyen for fun. And it also became clear that he was hoping Nguyen could help him get to the finale.

All was revealed at the end of the season — and Nguyen was rightfully outraged. Despite it all, she still maintained a friendship with O’Connor. And she noted on Total Madness that she and O’Connor talked to each other every day up until the new season began.

“Obviously, we care about each other, you know?” Nguyen tells Tori Deal on Total Madness, Episode 2. “There’s, like, there’s a lot of sh*t there that’s like, unsaid, like, after the last season. Now, we talked to each other every single f*cking day. He said to me, like, ‘I miss you, I love you,’ and whatever, you know.”

Jenny West eliminated Jenn Lee during the first women’s elimination round

O’Connor was falling hard and fast for Lee on Total Madness — and, of course, this rubbed Nguyen the wrong way. This ultimately led Nguyen to pit her friend (and the seemingly strongest woman in the house), Jenny West, against Lee, who was one of the smaller women, in an elimination round. And West easily defeated Lee within mere moments of the game beginning.

While Lee was disappointed she had to leave the game so early on, she had a feeling Nguyen would throw her in at the first chance considering her relationship with O’Connor.

“I knew I was the target even though I tried my best to make amends and be on her side. I would hear things through the house,” Lee told Entertainment Weekly. She also added that she knew she’d be going against West and felt she “did not stand a chance.”

Fans think Nguyen should’ve done it herself

T.J. Lavin introduced another twist prior to Lee going head-to-head with West. The twist was that anyone who made the tribunal could throw themselves into an elimination round in an attempt to gain the red skull on their helmet. This red skull is the only way into the finale, so competitors must win an elimination for a chance at the big money.

Nguyen could’ve taken out her nemesis herself — but she chose not to. While she noted she thinks she could easily beat Lee, she didn’t want to take any chances and potentially leave the game in shame.

Lavin — and several other competitors — were certainly disappointed in Nguyen’s choice. And fans are also roasting her.

“Dee talking all that sh*t shouldve stepped up,” one follower commented on Lee’s Instagram. “Hope you come back for another challenge and prove the haters wrong.”

“I cannot believe Dee didn’t take this opportunity. I thought she for sure would have been down in the dirt as soon as TJ said she could,” another wrote on The Challenge‘s Instagram.

“Dee should just walk away already,” another wrote. “I’d be embarrassed to walk away from an elimination from someone you’re feuding with.”

Will Nguyen redeem herself with fans? We’re not sure — but it looks like she’s in for even more trouble with the house after her controversial decision to use West as a shield.

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