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It’s hard to believe MTV’s The Challenge has graced our televisions for over two decades. We’ve seen competitors from shows like The Real World, Road Rules, and Are You the One? (just to name a few) compete in a physical and mental battle for big money. And while only a handful of folks can call themselves Challenge champions, we’ve enjoyed watching many of the same competitors navigate the game and their interpersonal relationships with the others in the house along the way.

Nany González is a fan favorite of the competition. She’s been competing on various seasons of the show since 2012, and she’s even made it to the finals. Along the way, she’s had lasting friendships — and her most notable appears to be with Jenna Compono. But now, it looks like González is getting close with competitor Kailah Casillas, and her fans are wondering what happened.

Nany González and Jenna Compono became best friends on ‘The Challenge’

Making friends in a competitive environment proves to be tough with each new season of The Challenge. While González has publicly called out other notable players, like Cara Maria Sorbello, for changing in a negative way over the years, she’s formed a close and lasting relationship with Compono.

Compono got her start on MTV with The Real World Ex-Plosion, and she followed this up with her debut on The Challenge: Battle of the Exes 2 in 2014. However, she didn’t necessarily fit in with the competition. While Compono slew during eliminations, she told Sarah Scoop she’s not that athletic, and she tends to stay away from the house drama.

It seems she found an authentic friendship with González when she was a rookie Challenge competitor, too. As she told the publication, “I really lucked out with my rookie season, I roomed with a bunch of nice girls, and that’s when I met Nany!” And Compono went on to explain how special her friendship with González has become.

“The best friendship I made from this show is by far Nany. I talk to her every single day, and we are just so much alike. She is definitely one of my best friends for life. That girl has been with me through thick and thin and helped me with a lot of life situations,” she said.

González, Compono, and Kailah Casillas are rumored to be on Season 35

Compono was noticeably absent during Season 34, War of the Worlds 2. While González attempted to go for the big money with the U.S. team, she was fighting against Sorbello and Paulie Calafiore’s alliance the entire way, leaving her to fend for herself. We’re sure González would’ve thrived if Compono was around — and it seems Season 35 may be the perfect time for the best friends to win.

According to Medium, Compono and González are both competing for the win next season. And Kailah Casillas, another fierce competitor we haven’t seen in awhile, is also reportedly on the season.

Casillas is known for her feisty demeanor. Judging from first appearances, it doesn’t seem like she and González would be the best of friends. But according to Instagram, it seems the two competitors are hitting it off quite well.

Fans on Instagram hope González isn’t forgetting about Compono

González posted three photos of her hanging out with Casillas since Jan. 10, and they appear to be the best of friends. González captioned her Jan. 10 photo of her with Casillas leaning on her shoulder, “just a little spice.” Then, on Jan. 19, González captioned another sweet photo of her with Casillas, “this crazy, beautiful life.”

Fans are taking note of how many photos González appears to have with Casillas lately instead of Compono.

“Don’t replace Jenna now,” one follower commented on the Jan. 19 post.

“I feel like all you’re missing is @jennacompono,” another follower mentioned on a post González added on Jan. 18.

Even Compono added her own opinion. “She’s slowly forgetting about me,” Compono commented, along with an elderly woman emoji.

To that, González replied, “oh stop I literally live in your V.”

Will González, Compono, and Casillas all get along during Season 35? We’ll have to wait and find out — but we have a feeling we know the answer. On another Instagram post, González called her, Compono, and Casillas the “holy trinity,” so we’re hoping they conquer the competition.

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